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Some here say anyone who rapes a child should be executed. Don't they know that would basically wipe out the entire gay population?
So one should ask WHY homosexuals are so filled-to-the-brim with hate and loathing. The answer, I think stems from all the SELF loathing they feel, which is more comfortably directed at others than at self.
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The HRC Is Inciting Fear and Hate

DougInSanDiego Wrote: Sep 20, 2014 1:10 PM
The HRC is GayGestapo. What else would you expect them to do but foment fear and hate? Fear and hate is their business, their ONLY business.
The forces of evil hand picked the wrong judge this time??? Well, I'll be!
Curious - this week the gay hair stylist for Governor Susana Martinez (New Mexico) announced he is henceforth REFUSING to do her hair because the Gov. does not support gay 'marriage' {sic}. Luckily, the hair stylist isn't a Christian or this would be illegal .........
God I hate gay pedophiles. Hope you did not succumb - seems the damage done to children who are successfully poached is beyond imagination.
Those "Five Reasons" are well and good, but ... no one cares. All that matters is the Gay Gestapo is the most vicious and vile hate group on the planet, and if anyone dares to oppose them the Gestapo will destroy them, their family, their neighbors, their friends. Forget logic, truth, common sense, morality. This is about bullying and fear ~~~ period.
No ... NO! Milk was murdered simply because he was gay! The gay gestapo has been telling us so for several decades! And if you don't agree, why ..., you are a RACIST (because, after all, "gay" is now another race, and "gay rights" are just like the civil rights movement). RACIST!
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We Live in a World of Lies

DougInSanDiego Wrote: Dec 03, 2013 9:48 AM
Lies from the gay culture??? WHAT A SHOCK !!!!!!!!!! Look - the gay culture is built on a foundation replete with lies. "The 10% myth". "Gay Gene". "Matty Sheppard" (and Harvey Milk, for that matter!). "Constant anti-gay violence". "Just like the Civil Rights movement". ..... and so on. The one thing that is, by now, abundantly clear is that nothing ~~ NOTHING ~~ that comes out of the gay activist movement should be assumed to be anything OTHER than baloney.
Well, that's what his Handlers hired the guy to do. It's either chat it up about bombing people, or chat it up about Kill Whitey, or chat it up about turning kids gay, or chat it up about raising money. Might as well rotate the topics and do War this time.
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