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The logic of the Lefists defies gravity! I cannot believe anyone listens to this Baffoon and Mr. Ed!
Change INS laws to fit the times. Trying to be legal does not work. Add that to your list of to do's!
Snapper this will never happen because the system of politics in this country is set up to help those with money. Lobbists and those wooing the political elite will continue which are those that the law will penalize if passed. So it's a round robin! The politicians keep talking and telling us lies to keep us quietly waiting for something that will never come. They, the politicians, have even set up E-Verify as a tool but done plan on using it! It's the government placating it's own people for personal benefit and comfort at the expense of our nation! That's called sedition and being a traitor!
I have been and will continue to sponsor 2 men and their families to get citizenship. We have been at this for over 18-years at a cost of over twenty thousand each. One man has his permanent work visa the other has been granted it but the paperwork is at the INS and has been since 2006. The INS is working on 2003 paperwork at the present time. The men I am sponsoring had to work for me and me alone until their permanent work visa's are finalized. Both have masters degrees in scientific fields and both know American history better than almost any citizen. The folks you see taking the oath of citizenship may have been at this for 20 years. It's more than a game with the INS. changing rules in the middle or processing paperwork. Requiring more fees and more attorney time. From my perspective it's a joke and makes the USA look like nation of fools! The boarder will never be secured because the politicians like the crisis and controversy and they will keep it that way! All talk and no action while taking pay is just wrong! I understand why others just walk across the boarder. Earning a living and eating is at the top of their list. But, the negative element comes too! So again, the politicians have set this up, have thought about it and continue their agenda at our expense! There is no accountability for them and they are self governed. They, the political elite, will continue until stopped!
PPACA - Death Knell for America!
GOP needs to get real and back to basics. Once fundamentals are mastered then you can turn some tricks! Taking things processes for granted and not understanding the intense competitiveness of your opponent is a death point!
CBO is a bunch of racists!
Great campaign slogan potential... "Get Ready to be Fluked!" Can you imagine wanting that woman after she has admitted to the nation that she is promiscuous and driven by her female parts! Otherwise known as a sa-lut! Probably admired and very desirable in the Liberal Leftist camp!
With higher veiwership than almost all the lame stream media combined! Great absentee observation J in VT!
Now, the DNC and all the liberal leftists will be calling those that question Obama traitors and Anti-American! I am already defined by DHS as a Domestic Terrorists and Militant because I am the Grandson and Son of Veterans of Foreign wars. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran and my two sons are 9/11/01 veterans. Further, I am Christian, conservative and registered Republican like my fathers before me. I am also highly trained former military and believe all life is precious. I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and separation of powers. I also drill oil and gas wells, build hot rods and ride motorcycles! I bow to no man and will NEVER be a victim of any circumstance! So the Obama Administration labels me and profiles me and mine at the Federal level! And, that's okay with the Liberal putrefied, gangrene left!
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