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Huh, Binders? Get out of the last election cycle! It's about the F-Government taking what belongs to us which is our Liberty to be Americans!
There is tolerating action in the name of freedom and then there is criminal action that cannot be tolerated. Much like we have freedom of speech but no one looks at the consequences of what they say! I love freedom but I'd die for Liberty! Without Liberty you have no freedom! I can have freedom in my mind while in prison where i have no liberty! Understand? No one talks about what American really is... A Representative Republic! And, no one talks about Liberty any longer, just freedom! Give me liberty or give me death! Molon Labe!
Where is our Representation in Congress? Me and my businesses have been targets for the IRS since 2010. I have now been in an audit since June 15, 2013. The persecution is relentless but I am showing the IRS Auditor to be wrong almost every step! And the Penalties and Interest keep adding up as they drag their feet. The Auditor admitted he put my case on the back the back file room for 4 months! Then he hit me with taxable income that were non-taxable transfers between companies, gifts between family members and jst bad addition with adding up deposits. This has cost me over four thousand in accountant and attorney fees. These guys are mandated to keep after conservatives to keep us busy and intimidated. This is our lovely government run by a Liberal Progressive POS! My representative says he is looking into it but he's just placating me! Jay Seculow with the ACLJ has an interest!
Hey, where's Loiso?
Mullah Zo-bama! HA!
I love it! The number of jobs added keeps going down and the unemployment rate keeps going down. Under any other administration these numbers operate in a converse relationship when one goes up the other goes down. New jobs up, unemployment down! New jobs down unemployment up! (The numbers are fudged!) You know figures lie and liars figure! I guess this is all part of the Obama Express! Fundamentally Transforming America by making new math and logic irrelevant! Whatever gets votes to move toward the Taking of America!
Oh, horse hockey! Just let them in! I will give up my house and me and the wife will live in the park! Our citizenship means nothing any more so let them in!
After Obama was elected and he went on the Obamacare push! You pay attention much?
At issue is the DEm's destroying anyone and doing anything to take this country! Take it from "We the People" for them and theirs! To control and manipulate the general population for their own benefit and wealth building! All while president obama is talking income inequality and supporting laws that make income inequality worse and upward mobility impossible! That my fellow American's is the Democrat way! A peek into their selfish little souls!
Even though Christie has turned around NJ and made the state more palatable for all working with Democrats at all levels the highest level Dem's are working to destroy him? So, what the problem with Sen. McConnell saying we need to do everything we can to stop Obama? Double Standards abound! (we need to stop this shiite!)
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