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Why do WE the People put up with these morons dividing us and keeping us divided? This is the biggest national security mess and will be a crisis if WE the People do not unite and stop these thieves in office from stealing our country! The LAIRS seem to be more Democrat leaning, like Pelosi...Unemployment and Food stamps are economic stimulus????? So, why do we listen to these people make statements that show they lack credibility and cannot be trusted? Why? NAACP is not helping the Black community! They are hurting the Black Community!
Absolutely NOT!
And King Obama will be using Air Force 1 for all those partisan party stops! At what cost to the tax payer? Where is the equality in that Mr. Kingident? Where is an equal amount of money for the Republicans, for the Independents and Libertarians? Income inequality is alive and well when the Kingident is concerned!
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Poll: Grimes: 46%; McConnell: 42%

Doug737 Wrote: Feb 09, 2014 6:11 PM
You so funny!
Everyone must understand given Obama's background and his leaning the only thing he wants to overload our system of governance and break down financial stability. This is what he was taught and this is what he thinks is best for himself first and if best for him then it must be best for all of us! To execute his plan he does not need to understand business, economics, finance, healthcare or anything other than how to destroy a system. You can see by the people around him and with their backgrounds are ready to rebuild from the rubble. Obama is weaponizing agencies that have heretofore been anti-gun, like the USPS! Going postal now has a new "Fundamentally Transformed" meaning. Today, in Obama's world, it means going against citizens that have had enough and are going to take back the nation. Those that are patriots and are not intimidated by our own government will be struck down first! It has begun! IRS audits ad infinitum, relentless and personal attacks on anyone and everyone that goes against the agenda. The press, entertainment industry, Wall Street and financial institutions, big businesses are all behind this movement. The boarders are left unattended for truly hungry and desperate people to walk across but with them come our enemies dressed as the outcast walking with those that we truly want to help. Our leaders and primarily the liberal progressives are using our system of government against us and they are nudging (gently push aside) our liberty out as they take more and more control! With our money! Where is all the hundreds of Billions of TARP funds? Where is Trillion plus the Federal Reserve is missing? Where is all our money being spent? Obama knows! Big Business knows!
Forced participation, price fixing and bailouts that hurt us! The people funding this Fundamental Transformation! We are paying for this change! Paying double? Triple? Take a 150 billion dollar problem and create a 2.3 trillion dollar solution?
So, the USPS losses are causing them to purchase mega tons of ammo! They must be purchasing guns next or is this another attempt by the Obama Administration to control the price of ammo? Obama cannot lead because all he wants to do is control and manipulate for his own benefit!
That's fatalistic Traitorbill! I will die before I let that happen! You love this country enough to give it up for you children and children's children? We must stop commenting and get to action!
No it won't he and his partners ahve written a few more! A new one is coming out soon!
They are doing this to push their agenda of taking over America! Domestic Enemies! When are you people going to see this!
Huh, Binders? Get out of the last election cycle! It's about the F-Government taking what belongs to us which is our Liberty to be Americans!
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