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He is the fabric of a True American! A Meat eater!
Liberals can use any and all names and slurs in the book but Republicans are under a different set of rules written by Liberals? HUH? Well, we just gotta change that! Now don't we?
Watch how the State takes this person to task and brings them up on criminal charges! That's why Conceal Carry permit holders should have additional legal insurance to cover the cost of this insidious persecution!
Now lets see how cooperative local police and state offices are in this effort but, when it is in place and citizens get trained and begin to arm themselves then turn the statistical recorders on and lets see what happens in the war zone that's there today. I'll bet crime and attacks on citizens decrease BooCoo! (That's a bunch for you Liberal Hacks that cannot read or understand E-bonics)
Jerry has it right! It's fear shown in a "No Fear!" party! No fear, no consequences, no family, no faith, no country, no boundaries, NO RESTRAINT, NO REVELATION...NO SENSE!
What policy does George Will refer?
The government has taken a place in so many things and is firs ton everyone's mind and it should not be! That is why it is not good at anything! If the government would stick to it's core function they would be good at it! Well Stanley, here's another fine mess you've gotten us into! (no offense to Loral and Hardy)
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Black History Month

Doug737 Wrote: Feb 17, 2014 11:34 AM
There have been tremendous tragedies and and sacrifices made by Blacks in the past. The biggest I remember was about the Buffalo Soldiers. How gallant these soldiers were and how poorly they were treated. Go to Fort Stockton, TX and see an old camp...fascinating history! And, then there were the WWI and WWII Veterans of Color! How they fought of our freedoms and then were discriminated against and some beaten to death when they should have been honored and given favor for their unselfish service! But, what have Blacks done for us recently? I will not add anything further...
Tell a lie enough and people believe it to be true! conservatives are racists! REALLY?
Why do WE the People put up with these morons dividing us and keeping us divided? This is the biggest national security mess and will be a crisis if WE the People do not unite and stop these thieves in office from stealing our country! The LAIRS seem to be more Democrat leaning, like Pelosi...Unemployment and Food stamps are economic stimulus????? So, why do we listen to these people make statements that show they lack credibility and cannot be trusted? Why? NAACP is not helping the Black community! They are hurting the Black Community!
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