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Who's Afraid of the Fiscal Cliff?

Doug587 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 4:52 PM
America went over the Fiscal Cliff years ago. The 16+ trillion of debt plus the ramped up freebies and older obligations means we have been realistically in the "Fiscal Canyon" for at least a decade. The tax thieves that cleaned out the treasury are now going to solve a debt problem that will take at least 20 years? Do you really accept that? How many lesser problems have they ever "solved" for over a year or two (by postponing reality)? Many. Taxing the rich is a bold lie. Mouthy billionaire Warren Buffett has 44 billion but if he gave every cent to the federal gov-meant today that runs the monster socialist state of America for 5 days. Yes, its that bad. Its the spending stupid and always has been.
Were the average Republican asked for a succinct statement of his views on taxation, he or she might respond thus:

"U.S. tax rates are too high for the world we must compete in. The tax burden -- federal, state, local, together -- is too heavy. We need to cut tax rates to free up our private and productive sector and pull this economy out of the ditch."

This core conviction holds the party together.

Yet today the leadership is about to abandon this conviction to sign on to higher tax rates or revenues, while the economy is nearing stall speed. Yet,...