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The Problem With The Right Part 2

Doug587 Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 8:36 AM
1…U cannot defeat the arrogant apostles of socialism by silence. 2…U cannot win minds being told by opponents how to describe them. 3…U cannot win by patty-caking around versus thug socialists. 4…U cannot win minds without learning how to question/debate. 5…U cannot win if you fear the national pawn media. (of arrogant dimwits) 6…U cannot win by voting for “no chance” folks for spite or not voting. 7…U cannot win w/o boring into the GOP and implanting TP folks. 8…U cannot win when u cannot define conservatism. (25 words or less) 9..U cannot win playing defense 90% of every minute every day. 10.U cannot win following losers at the top concerned only with 35 year careers. 11.U cannot win with backstabbing because that will be used against us all. 12.U cannot win by 99 confusing different messages…try 3 daily for at least a week, there is no sin in “talking points”. http://theconservativecrawfish.wordpress
And now the bold lies and fantasy promises from Hil-liar-y... does the media ever get tired of pumping up toxic angry control freak blame America socialists? The nation is rotting daily due to dementoCrat policies.
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Get Ready for Denials

Doug587 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 12:16 PM
We can seal the not believe the bozo posters or political hacks who say we cannot...its baloney. Its a fence, not going to the moon! It always starts with the false premise that leads to toxic policies. Mexico has a solid southern border fence but we cannot??? Stop the bold lies...leave them to the OzBama. Its always ALL about winning elections to get power over keep building that utopian monster gov-meant socialist state so beloved by the dementoCrats. Year 6 >>> Have you had enough of toxic socialism, bold lies, demons and fantasy promises??? Look around since Pelosi ruled the House in 2007...just look... Monster gov-meant sucking up trillions. Gas, food and services cost soaring, more people in poverty, lower wages/salaries, fewer jobs for college grads, fast rising college costs, rampant spying on millions of citizens, boldly lying to pass national healthcare, 16+ million more on Food Stamps, 4x as many on Disability checks, using the IRS as a political weapon, failing to defend embassies in dangerous nations, 35% on full welfare for years on end, real jobless/inflation greater than under democrat Carter malaise, ignoring laws (including border laws), 17 trillion of debt, socialized rationed H-Care (2 trillion cost), printing $85 billion monthly we do not have, every economic outlook predicting recession sliding into depression… Who has been POTUS about 6 years and broke ALL his major promises?? Who was that?? DO NOT LIMIT the national rot dementoCrats can or will do before 2017! and still NO utopia...just spreading more misery every year...and looking for demons to blame for toxic policy results.....
Islam is a 1,400 year old violent inbred hate cult founded by a war lord... INSIDE most mosques they spew hate and political takeovers...that has been documented. Marrying pre-teens, still beheading (since the Hegira) and threatening people who want to leave them is CULT BEHAVIOR! Women as glorified mutilated pets is not a religious sign but a serious cult sign. Sharia Law is nothing but glorified medieval savagery. Claiming "a few paragraphs of Quran cause all the global violence" is bogus… if true, islam would have edited these paragraphs decades ago BUT they never did! Did I mention the Quran allows lying, even under oath..."to protect islam”???… which can mean anything. Found this last year: Jesus never commanded an army, Mohammad did..........Jesus never ordered people to be killed, Mohammed did..........Jesus never banished other religions from the land, Mohammed did..........Jesus never ordered amputation, binding or torture, Mohammed did..........Jesus did not have 11 wives, Mohammed did..........Jesus did not take his stepson's wife, Mohammed did..........Jesus did not order the assassination of his critics, Mohammed did..........Jesus did not terrorize unbelieving tribes, Mohammed did..........Jesus did not ask a father if he could marry his 6 year old daughter when he was 53, Mohammed did..........Jesus saved an adulterer from stoning, Mohammed reintroduced it..........Jesus was a teacher and healer, Mohammed was a warlord and conquerer. Each American moslem who wants an interview/TV time should FIRST be asked 3 questions "for the record"…. 1...does Israel have a right to exist?…. Sharia best for America?… 3...who leads the peace movement for islam in America? They should be asked these and nothing more done until they are on the record with their answers... then you would see the veil over the cult lifted for millions to finally see...only then. (theconservativecrawfish.wordpress)
WHY DEMOCRATS MUST DO WHAT THEY DO Bold lying is simply a tactic to the arrogant apostles of toxic socialism... no moral aspect exists at all to the dementoCrats, ever... their other tactics are smears, demons and fantasy promises.... this is because their policies are naturally toxic and MUST be sold/defended with these tactics... ask Fidel how its done. (
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An Open Letter to the Political Right

Doug587 Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 8:13 AM
THOUGHT FOR AUGUST 2014..... ======================== Arab saying.."An army of lambs led by a lion will defeat and army of lions led by a lamb"…… the thug socialist Party is led by the toxic lion Ozbama and the GOP is led by cupcake lambs CryBaby and MitchyMouse...... as we, the lions, watch in frustrated amazement at their silence, their inaction, their lack of passion and their selfish cowardice as a great nation rots before our eyes. (
THE PRECIOUS SMEAR TACTIC Its very important to smear instead of explain… Alinsky said as much and the democrats worship Alinsky (“Rules for Radicals”)… which is WHY the campaign by web socialist hack sheep and the pawn media smear anyone challenging the path of secular socialism . Anything to avoid defending the rotten economy in year 6 of the OzBama recession/debt/jobless/welfare/poverty records... etc. The cowardly socialist sheep fear any real debate…and always have… instead they tell bold lies/smear and demonize to AVOID debate… (which also distracts as a bonus) They MUST do this because the results of their policies are naturally so toxic… (theconservativecrawfish.wordpress)
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Do Blacks Need Favors?

Doug587 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 3:29 PM
The real favor they need is LEGIT BLACK PREACHERS who breathe fire for marriage and morals! (instead of for victim worship and walk around $$$ for votes)
DEFEAT ALL DEMOCRATS! keep in mind the democrats exempted the congress and some favorites from O-care...why did they do that? Why? (Because the arrogant apostles of toxic secular socialism always exempt themselves from the pain of their policies)
VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS! keep in mind the democrats exempted the congress and some favorites from O-care...why did they do that? Why? (Because the arrogant apostles of toxic secular socialism always exempt themselves from the pain of their policies)
BUT dementoCrats are known bold liars... and stopping heartbeats is a sacrament to them... abortion is a holy thing (which is sick)....that someone else must pay for.... they must stop rotting a great nation with their secular socialism... VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS! keep in mind the democrats exempted the congress and some favorites from O-care...why did they do that? Why? (Because the arrogant apostles of toxic secular socialism always exempt themselves from the pain of their policies)
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