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Whose Welfare?

Doug5049 Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 9:12 AM
Anybody with an ounce of humanity would strenuously object to doing something so horrible to an innocent child. Any judge who can watch a terrified child screaming and crying while being dragged away from the only parents he/she has ever known and think he's doing the right thing is a morally defective monster.
Auspex Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 11:37 AM
Judges only have so much leeway, and with this law...probably none. It's possible the judge hated his ruling as much as we do, but the law tied his hands.

That is what this article is talking about...the laws.

If there is ever a contest for the law with the most grossly misleading title, the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 should be a prime candidate, because the last thing this Act protects is the welfare of Indian children.

The theory behind the Indian Child Welfare Act is that an American Indian child should be raised in an American Indian culture.

Based on that theory, a newborn baby of American Indian ancestry, who was adopted immediately after birth by a white couple, was at 27 months of age taken away from the only parents she has ever known and given...