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Kids with Cell Phones: Record Your Socialist Teachers!

Doug5049 Wrote: May 27, 2012 2:07 PM
Allison, You correctly stated that more Americans should learn languages other than English. (Actually, an appalling number can't even speak English correctly, but that's another story.) Then you admitted that you do not speak any foreign languages. So why aren't you studying Spanish or French or Japanese right now instead of wasting your time on the internet? Don't be a part of the problem; be a part of the solution.
Michael in the P/R of ATL Wrote: May 27, 2012 2:13 PM
Learning a 2nd language is an admirable idea in theory, but how does one keep up the skills without regular use? The only language that even come close to available use would be Spanish (for all the wrong reasons).

Society would benefit a lot more if immigrants would bother to learn English. Contrary to proglodyte theory, we DO have an American culture, though the dimwitted of the multicultural losers would tell us otherwise.
Doug5049 Wrote: May 27, 2012 2:30 PM
Actually, learning Chinese might prove to be of great benefit to youngsters within the decade.

God bless cell phones. With them we can chat with our friends; we can watch the grossest zit since the dawn of time being popped via YouTube; and our kiddos can record their bat crap crazy teachers attempting to mitigate their First Amendment rights!

This week audio surfaced of a North Carolina teacher, Tanya Dixon-Neely (black), berating 13-year-old Hunter Rogers (honky) for criticizing president Obama (hate crime). Neely said Rogers could be arrested for slandering Obama. What a crock! Children cannot be arrested for criticizing Obama—at least not until his second term when we will truly see our First...