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I Hope This Is The Last Column I Ever Have To Write About Bronco Bamma

Doug5049 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 9:58 AM
Allison writes: "I hope Obama puts a special new federal tax on wealthy women with horse farms." So, Allison, I guess you don't care about the livelihoods of all the people who work at those horse farms, e.g. the people who feed the horses, clean out the stalls, exercise the horses, shoe the horses, the vets who treat the ailments of the horses, the drivers of the vehicles who transport the horses, the people who manufacture and service those vehicles and horse trailers, the people who maintain the corrals with the fences and gates, the people who grow the oats and hay to feed the horses, and of course, the horses themselves, many of whom would be slaughtered for dog food when their owners can no longer afford them.
Ross83 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 10:18 AM
Remember several years ago when Main put on a special tax on Yacht building. Well teh wealthy simply stopped buying yachts or moved them over seas. As a result several thousand people were out of work.
Carlos7 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 10:00 AM
Alley Cat doesn't seem to have any compassion ... kinda like a toddler mentality.

"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"
jmonaco Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 10:20 AM
See ... taxes are no longer intended so much for generating revenue as for punishing disapproved portions of the population.

Isn't self-righteousness and authoritarianism great? (until it affects me, of course!).
This past week a YouTube video of a crying four-year-old little girl named Abigail went viral. In the video Abby’s mom asks her why she’s so sad. Abigail replies through a steady stream of tears and mucus that she’s “tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.” Well, little sister, I feel your pain. Now, mind you, I’m not tired of Romney and Ryan, but good Lord … and believe me when I tell you … I’m pig sick of Bronco Bamma.

Yep, I’m beyond ready for this ignoble thing called the Obama presidency to be officially finito. These...

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