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or democrat
Yep. Asking a republican to give up power is like asking a junkie in withdrawal to flush a syringe filled with the purest dope he's ever seen.
Without question. Presided over 8 years of peace and prosperity, ended a stupid war, started none, and was the architect of the last federal program that benefits everyone, not just some cronies or interest groups.
I don't think Reagan was everything his worshipers say he was, but he was the last president who was clearly an improvement on his predecessor. Every president since Bush41 has been worse than his predecessor. And if you don't think the next one can be worse than 0bama, then, as Sam Cooke sang, you don't know much about history.
The NPP lost all credibility when they gave one to Arafat (Kind of like Cher winning an Oscar). Then it was further tarnished when Al Gore got one (What the hell did he do to promote peace?), and even more when 0bama got one. He is the first president since LBJ to have young Americans killing and dying for every single day of his administration. And he gets a PEACE prize? Who gave it to him, the weapons manufacturers? The Nobel Prizes in medicine, physics, and chemistry are still legitimate; They are given to individuals with monstrously high IQs who have spent years working on things most of us are not capable of comprehending. But the peace, literature, and economics prizes have become purely political farces.
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'Diversity' in Action

Doug5049 Wrote: Jan 20, 2015 3:14 AM
Excellent article. Here are a couple more excellent articles about diversity: http://fredoneverything.net/Diversity2.shtml http://fredoneverything.net/Apartness.shtml
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Obama Beyond the Pale

Doug5049 Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 7:58 PM
American soldiers have been killing and dying in countries that did not attack America for every day of the 0bama presidency. This is not true of GW Bush, Clinton, Bush41, Reagan, Carter, Ford, or Nixon. The last president this was true for was LBJ. Perhaps he ought to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize posthumously.
A more relevant question might be what the hell did he learn? Not economics or science, that's for sure.
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