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Cheap Politicians

Doug5049 Wrote: Oct 02, 2012 9:52 AM
Ye, if only Congress were composed of honest, intelligent people. Problem is, honest, intelligent people don't want to go into politics. So we get morons like Shiela Jackson-Lee, member of the House Committee on Science, who thinks astronauts went to Mars, and Hank Johnson, member of the House Armed Services Committee, afraid that Guam will tip over and capsize if too many soldiers are stationed there. And both of these idiots got reelected AFTER showing how stupid they are. If they can get reelected, so can 0bama.
Now that the National Football League has apparently learned that it can be costly to hire cheap officials, perhaps the rest of us should learn the same lesson when it comes to government officials, whose bad calls can do a lot more damage.

What do we do when we want a better car, a better home or a better bottle of wine? We pay more for it. We definitely need a lot better crop of public officials. Yet we insist on paying flea market prices for people who will be spending trillions of tax dollars, not to mention making foreign policy that...