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Who Will Pardon the Pardoner?

Doug4749 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 11:14 AM
Why does 'leading from behind' done by this administration surprise anyone? It's what we've come to expect, that and cover-ups. We (the American people) WANT this kind of leadership don't we? Otherwise he wouldn't have been re-elected. Let's talk about voter intimidation by the Black Panthers in Phila, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, rampant crony capitalism, or the Marine who's been in a Mexican jail since August... Real leadership that we can be proud of...? Can't think of ANYTHING he's accomplished that we could point to proudly. Solyndra? Mid-east policies? He'll continue to make the U.S. weaker and less respected, and now, he actually can blame his predecessor - himself!!

If there is one virtue voters had every reason to expect from Barack Obama, it is a strong sense of social justice. Yet somehow the one-time community organizer has dropped that ball when it comes to the exercise of his constitutional power to pardon individuals who have committed federal offenses. With only one sentence commutation and 22 pardons (for offenders who served their time), Obama has the lowest pardon rate of any modern president.

This week Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz informed the Department of Justice that the president's pardon attorney, Ronald Rodgers, withheld information that could have led...