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The Obama Admin, NY Times, and the Islamist

Doug4749 Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 12:52 PM
And we provide money and training to the PLO. That group of thugs couldn't support itself so we prop them up. Teach them how to fight the Israeliis and out of the other side of our mouths, we declare our fealty to the Israeliis. Talked about mixed messages! Is it any wonder that our standing in the international community has plummeted? And that our 'allies' don't know whether or not they can count on us for support? Oh, well, give money to the bad guys and maybe, all of the sudden, they'll respect us. Yeah, like N. Korea does...
Kepha Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 1:01 PM
The aid we give these extremist groups allows them to focus attention away from the practical business of making a living. I say turn off the spigot. While some countries both need and deserve aid, the PLO and MB Egypt aren't among them.

Not only is The New York Times editorial page known for often being thin on facts, it is known for its cheerleading of the Obama administration—especially the administration’s shortsightedness regarding the Middle East.

To prove that point, they recently published their March 4 editorial: Egypt Needs to Act. In the course of attempting to make their argument, the Times not only butchered the facts, they praised the terrible decision by the Obama administration to hand Egypt wads of US money. Go figure.

They hailed Obama’s decision to send $250 million of hard-earned, taxpayer money to the Muslim Brotherhood of...