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Semi-Automatic Pastry Warrants Two-Day Suspension for 7 Year Old

Doug4749 Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 12:38 PM
In Bourne Identity, Jason Bourne took out a bad guy with a pen. Thereore, pens (which by the way, are mightier than a sword) should be banned from schools. Maybe include crayons and pencils while they're at it. And who among us doesn't live in fear of someone with a rolled up newspaper? Or fear being hit in the head with 10-lb bookbag? Kids play 'soldier', cowboys and indians, and battle with light sabers at home and around the neighborhood. If the school administrators could calmly remind the 5-year-old to be careful how they eat their pop tart, that should be enough to satisfy they're 'zero tolerance' policy...

I weep for my country. We are becoming pathetic fools and total wimps.

Consider these jaw-dropping examples of behavior by adults who work in government schools. I think they must be competing for the Stupid Official of the Year Award.

The contestants include: