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Missile Launch Unlikely...Until After April 15th

Doug4749 Wrote: Apr 12, 2013 10:16 AM
In a street fight, the one who does the talking gets punched in the face first. After being threatened, it's either fight or flight. We've done nothing about the threats. Hmm.. history repeating itself: Iraq, Iran, N. Korea - only when Libya threatened us did we do anything, and THAT turned out to be very effective. China, the most likely candidate to pursuade the DPRK to calm down, is reluctant to do anything because they don't feel threatened. The DPRK knows that China's response would be total annihilation. Whereas, the US's response will be to 'negotiate' and send them more food and fuel, but never return-in-kind. Our allies in the Pacific HAVE to be feeling pretty unsecure. Thanks zero for your leading-from-behindness.
Reginald10 Wrote: Apr 12, 2013 3:52 PM
The most effective threat we could make, is to quietly invite the Chinese ambassador into the Oval Office, and offer them help with 10 million refugees.

After all, whatever the Chinese have done to restrain Kim Young'un hasn't worked. He has nukes and missiles, and has declared war. When he does something, which he inevitably will, we'll have to reply as if it were a nuclear attack. (And it just might be one.) Standard doctrine for 60 years has been to reply to a nuclear attack with devastating force.

So, about those refugees - want any help?

North Korea-China: A Chinese border official at the border town of Dandong told the media, "Travel agencies are not allowed to take tourist groups to go there, since the North Korean government is now asking foreign people to leave…As far as I know, business people can enter and leave North Korea freely."


A travel agent on the Chinese side of the border said she was informed that North Korea has closed the border to tour groups. However, locals said that passenger service by rail was normal...