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Israel: America's Model for Reducing Violent Crime (Part 1 of 2 on Reducing Violent Crime in the US)

Doug4749 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 11:05 AM
Benefits. I'm a military (Navy) retiree. My 'free' healthcare for life was NEVER free. The premiums went up 60.1 percent last year. I don't bother shopping at the commissary because I can find 95 percent of what I need cheaper 'on the outside'. Likewise for the military Exchanges. The prices on most items are suggested retail whereas on the 'outside' they are usually lower. On the outside, sales tax is added. Roughly the same all things considered. I've been trying to get in to see a specialist for a service-connected disability for over a year - the VA has been jerking me around. So, after working years of 20-hour days, missing my daughter's birth because I was deployed, it's annoying to hear about 'coasting'...
This past week, I made an audio recording endorsing the re-election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel's general election Tuesday, Jan. 22.

I explained in the endorsement: "You might think I'm a tough guy in my films, but in a rough neighborhood like the Middle East, Israel has its own tough guy. His name is Bibi Netanyahu."

Netanyahu's leadership and strength were evident as far back as 1967, when he was a part of the Israel Defense Forces' elite commando unit, Sayeret Matkal. And they were just as obvious in his public service through the years, as I added in my endorsement:...