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It was policy onboard ship (Navy) that when a thief was caught, if he wasn't bent, broken, and bruised when he got to Captain's Mast, he was declared Not Guilty because apparently nobody cared about being robbed. I've maintained this attitude throughout life. If someone breaks into my home, the only escort they'll need is the Coroner. How many mass shootings/robberies would there be if everyone carried a gun?
The DOJ will probably indict the victim for violating Trevonnte's civil rights as an independent, minority contractor. Trevonnte's will probably get glowing endorsements from the very predictable race hustlers - Sharpton and Jackson.
You forgot about him being loved by everyone, is a straight-A student, and was going to medical school on a basketball scholarship.
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Who's Kidding?

Doug4749 Wrote: Dec 19, 2013 7:05 PM
That last statement hit close to home. A couple years ago I was only two seats away from a guy who hit the trifecta at Del Mar.
Amen to that!
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They Bravely Chickened Out

Doug4749 Wrote: Dec 14, 2013 7:00 PM
I'got to second what -42 wrote. With people like John McCain in 'our corner' and all the in-fighting amongst the Republicans it's embarrassing to admit that this is my party of choice. We (the Republicans) need to take a page from the Rodney King play book '...can't we all just get along?". And IF we can't get along, at least. Fight privately and present a united front for the public.
If and when the RNC nominates Christie, they will be throwing away ANOTHER election, as they did with John McCain. Is this the best the republicans can come up with? No wonder zero's in office for the second time and Hillary is next. The republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot, are fractured and can't agree on anything, and are totally out of touch with the voters. Makes me mourn the '...good ol' days...'.
Great post! The poachers have already been paid for their efforts and now, their ill-gotten gains will bring in even MORE money. Someone didn't think this through. We sent a message all right - look how dumb we are!
'...but I've never seen one like him in my lifetime and I hope I'll never see another. ' Is there any doubt that Hillary will get the nomination in 2016? Biden, as VP should get it, out of respect, but he won't. And when Hillary gets the nod, she most certainly will become the next Pres. History has shown that morals are not important (Bill), experience is not important (zero) and leadership ability is not important (Hillary - Benghazi, the whole middle east, etc) so all someone has to do is have a 'D' after their name to get elected. Witness Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and of course, Maxine Waters. I rest my case. 'What difference does it make anyway?' And as added insurance for the dems, the republicans are fractured and can't seem to do anything right. Is it any wonder the number of people renouncing their U.S. of A citizenship has been rising steadily over the past couple years?
During the last shutdown, the non-essential workers were sent home. When everything got straightened out, they went back to work and were paid back-pay for their time off!. They got a six-week vacation WITH PAY! The same thing will happen this time - NON-ESSENTIAL workers will get a paid vacation. Note: If he shutdown lasts long enough, they'll apply for and get unemployment checks and THEN get their back pay. Could this be why they're so zealous to shut things down and why they're 'working' to keep the citizens out during their time off??
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