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Science Reporting No Different Than Activists' Own Hype

Doug3370 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 8:22 PM
So the answer to this is that conservatives need to step up and vote to authorize nuclear power, and wind and solar. Desert fleas notwithstanding. We would, if we grasped the reality of global warming, still want industrial jobs, industry, and reliable sources of energy to run factories. Coal can run out. Oil can run out. Sunlight will not, not in any time frame we care about. And before the coal runs out, we might run out of safe places to put the resulting CO2. We're going to find ourselves fighting to get wind and solar and nuclear projects built. Best we not lay up too many quotes that can be thrown in our faces when that day comes.
Following Hurricane Sandy’s massive devastation across the northeast, many were quick to tie it to “climate change” (you know, what “global warming” and the “new ice age” used to be.). In a blog post on Tuesday, former Vice President Al Gore wrote “Hurricane Sandy is a disturbing sign of things to come. We must heed this warning and act quickly to solve the climate crisis. Dirty energy makes dirty weather.”

Meghan McCain sarcastically weighed in on Twitter, “So are we still going to go with climate change not being real fellow republicans?”

As his city struggles in the Sandy...