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Liberals Have All The Answers, But Their Answers Aren't Actually True

Doug3370 Wrote: Jan 20, 2013 7:40 PM
The fact that insurance companies are nevertheless raising their prices shows that they, at any rate, think those risks are real. If they didn't, one of them would break ranks with the others and offer lower rates based on actuarial tables that disregard climate change projections.

Moonbat Exterminator wrote: JR, your assertion that computing a single number for the average temperature of the planet is mathematically impossible is incorrect. It would in fact be a simple, straightforward calculation. In statistics, it's called the mean of sampling means. The weakness of such a statistic is that the enormous variability in the data far exceeds the variability in that number. Even the 90 % confidence interval would be much larger than the variations in that average, making it useless from a practical standpoint. - Al Gore Warming

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I think we are talking about two different things,...