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Susan Rice: Choking on a Gnat

Doug307 Wrote: Feb 28, 2015 9:41 PM
Obama doesn't want Netanyahu speaking to Congress because Obama will be exposed for what he is - a liar, hypocrite, back-stabber...there isn't enough space for all the words that describe how Obama has disgraced America and it's allies! True Americans welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu into the People's House to share with us his nation's concerns. It's the least a Friend can do!!
Ask the nice Congresswoman from eastern Washington how "She" is taking care of the 5th District and you will get a long list of government programs. Then as her what she has done to support and defend the Constitution...her pleasant smile will turn to a deer-in-the-headlight look. McMorris-Rodgers accepted the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare, and asked her constituents to do the same; she voted to fully fund Obamacare, illegal amnesty and nearly every one of Obama's illegal/unconstitutional program. Congresswoman McMorris-Rodgers, or as I affectionately call her, "Capitulating Cathy", is one of the many Boehner Lickspittles. She doesn't support impeachment, she supports comprehensive amnesty, and she is unwilling to fight to support and defend our Constitution. She should be recalled!!!
"...now in Reid's majority control..."? Reid has been majority leader for Obama's entire presidency and then some. Reid and the Dems have been slowly turning up the burner on the Republican "frogs in the pot". Killing the fillibuster was just another twist on the temperature knob....and look at how McConnell reacts - "it's not very nice". What we see in Congress is a small scale of what is happening in the world. Repubs have been showing weakness and the Dems have been capitalizing on this by being more agressive and taking more and more control. Eventually, the Dems will take over. Global politics is the same way - Obama Administration is unwilling to show strength and tries to be every countries "friend". The countries don't want our friendship, they want to take over and/or destroy our country!!
When will people realize that the Republican Establishment (RE) is complicit?! Need proof? Look at the way the RE quicly falls in like with Democrats, after making the requisite number of "opposition statements". Democrats have promised the RE a really neat Clubhouse to stay in as long as the RE looks the other way . Then look at what the RE does to those like Rubio, Cruz and Lee who threaten the Clubhouse - the RE gets vicious and attacks...would that the RE use that viciousness against the Dems rather than the citizens of America! Guaranteed if the RE did the people would have elected them to majorities in both houses and the White House. Alas, REs feel comportable and safe in the RE Clubhouse.
It is very good to see strong conservative and Constitutionally founded leaders in the Congress. 2014 will show if citizens will continue to support the constitutional conservatives or allow the GOP (Gutless Old Politicians) to continue our nation's "Death Spiral".
This country belongs to We the People, not BHO the Tyrannt. A free people have always fought to keep their God given rights and freedoms, and will continue to do so.
The middle-east is one big hornets nest full of irrational hornets. So The Arrogant One's plan is to throw a few rocks at the hornet's nest with the intent of having the hornets turn to a rational behavior? I see a pattern where The Arrogant One provides a rich, destablized environment for muslim extremists to flourish - Egypt, Lybia, Palesinians, etc. Now The Arrogant One wants to disrupt the rest of the middle east by throwing a few cruise missles into Syria. The Arrogant One causes chaos where ever he goes and with everything he touches.
As with everything else, it's all about "The Arrogant One". I firmly believe The Arrogant One has looked over his shoulder and realizes he is the only only one on the politicical diving board and in Speedos. Now the Arrogant One is running for the shower room and hoping Congress will get him a pair of board shorts, and a reason not to jump off the diving board alone! If this was such a dire national security issue, why did the Arrogant One run to the golf course immediately after his "second decision" to get congressional approval? Again, it's all about The Arrogant One!
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