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Now that one was a bit wacky, John. I had a hard time following the thread, since you kept changing subjects. In general, though, you are absolutely correct that science is bought and paid for by government and others with an agenda, and finding an independent scientific opinion on anything is increasingly difficult. The classic example was the global warming/climate change hoax.
Actually, folks, that is so far from true it is scary. Beyond murder, violent crime is greater in many of those countries than here.
Says the guy that just called me one? I am just tired of people who claim some expertise screwing up the dialogue when it is critical.
Actually, where I hunt, up to five. Two does, three bucks. Takes about 7 shots, on average. Hence, it is very hard to do with a five-shot magazine in a bolt-action rifle. Can be done though. If you don't believe me, come get my guns.
Actually, no they are not. They are orders with the force of law, but only if they are executing and enforcing valid laws, and not unconstitutional. Even the arrogant punk knows he can't outlaw or confiscate guns.
323 deaths in 2011, compared to c. 200,000 killed by medical malpractice, in a country of 300 million. Yeah, that calls out for a reaction to "extreme damage." Get a life. Or outlaw doctors. Pick one, but be consistent.
No, they are semi-automatic. If you don't know what you are talking about, how are you different than the progressive idiots?
And, as we are seeing, that was absolutely correct. Most of the worst part of the law hasn't even been implemented, and we can't afford it. So, to cut costs, the government will resort to the language in the law that authorizes decisions about who gets medical care and who doesn't. I trust you have a plan for when you are denied medical care?
You are an idiot. First, half the hunting guns made are "semi-automatic", including almost all shotguns used for duck hunting. Obviously, with the possible exception of Cheney, most are not intended for or used for killing human beings. Assault weapons, on the other hand, are designed for that purpose, but legislating based on how a firearm looks is merely stupid - many very good hunting firearms look like assault weapons. What "most Americans" want doesn't matter - we are a republic, not a wild democracy, so polls don't matter. If you are right, then petition the government to begin an amendment process to repeal the 2d Amendment, but remember that I warned you - you will be totally and completely at the mercy of the next dictator then
You should correct that to say they don't "openly acknowledge". They clearly know the truth - the reason they don't want the minions to have guns is so that they can act and govern without limits, including any of those pesky armed revolutionaries. The operative word in gun control is "control". The idea of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama or Joe Biden making decisions about my life makes my skin crawl.
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