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A real link please, not this right-wing garbage.
This might as well be World Net Daily -
Just give me a link to something real.
I think we're wasting money on you and I'm not, as a Taxpayer, very damn happy about it, but I have no problem paying teachers and paying them well, if they respect their position in life, working for us.
You tell me. Bush was in charge on 9/11.
Got a source that isn't a right-wing nutter site? 20 links later I still haven't found one.
God you are dumb. Please, for the sake of the children of America, go work in a sandwich shop.
It's not a waste. What I learn here I use against you.
Educated? Teacher you can't even think straight. And I don't hate teachers when they acknowledge that as Public Employees they have damn little room to b&tch about the government spending Taxpayer Funds. Got it now Teacher?
She was supposed to have flight schools checked out, but didn't.
You pay us in Our money Teacher.
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