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Just another product of Affirmative Action right ByeBarry?
You've told me dozens of times, you just aren't smart enough to figure out the names change.
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Wednesday Night Grand Slam

DotDotDasher Wrote: Aug 30, 2012 12:47 AM
Boy that is a whole lot of white folks. If there was a burning cross in the back parking lot it wouldn't surprise me.
In this case Mary Anne is the problem. She's two tacos short of a combo plate.
I can't disprove right-wing Propaganda because I can't find any legitimate source to check it our against. It's all nutters like you.
If you quit the kids win, and I hope they do.
Not teachers Mary Anne, just you.
Don't worry, next week it's all us.
It's easy, she's not smart enough to do anything else.
A real link please, not this right-wing garbage.
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