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It's about time! Now they need to get out and compare & contrast their plan with Obamacare, highlighting how their plan will be better and preserve freedom of choice for all..
Amen! Hopefully, we can find a good candidate here now.
Hi, Marc. Interesting proposal, but flawed in this sense. You said, "...does not give anyone control over us". Folks under the VA medical system puts their care directly under the control and whim of central government. The system is funded by Congress so there is absolute control.
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It’s Stupid, Obamacare

Dot50 Wrote: Oct 18, 2013 2:18 AM
First, we are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Why do you folks continue to use such inane language? Opposition to policies has nothing to do with emotions toward any individual. The Massachusetts system was for those who had no insurance, not for those who were insured. It did not seek to take control of the insurance industry, nor did it dictate to folks what coverage they were required to carry. Mandates for "free" care are not a part of that system. For example, under the ACA, all women are required to carry maternity coverage. Are you a 55 year old woman, had a tubal ligation or gone through menopause already and therefore unable to have more children? Well, you must carry and pay for that "essential service" anyway. Are you a 32 year old healthy guy who pays for incidental care out of pocket and carries a catastrophic policy? Well, no more; now you must carry the full range of "Essential" services, including mental health and addiction coverage. These rules are because you are required to pay for those who have more extensive medical problems, spreading the wealth, so to speak. Why was the employer mandate for large corporations delayed and they are not required to offer insurance nor pay the tax not required to pay the tax if they do not offer insurance when the individual who does not have insurance must pay a tax? Many, many more things that could be said... Reading the law and the regulations would be enlightening to you.
Michael states that Cap and Trade passed the House in June 2009. True, but it ended up dying and was not enacted.
Wonderful! Thank you and God bless!!
Great! Who stole this gag from who? LOL
That would certainly explain OBAMACARE. Academics believing they know how everything works together, then coming up with something that totally wrong and falls apart.
What about the statement that Assad of Syria is a moderate? Don't remember who that was.
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