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Actually, about 10% of Muslims believe in Jihad. As there are about 2 billion Muslims in the world, that is about 200 million. So yes, we can blame millions. Further, the rest can be blamed if they do not speak out against the murdering demons - I include all homicide bombings, attacks, ISIS marauders...
Access is by the insurance companies as would be done by any company that a person would enter into a contract with. There is nothing in the law stating the feds access the credit report. That said, I trust no one in the administration's multiple departments to not somehow want to access that information. Actually, I believe that the NSA already has its nose in credit card records.
Had to look up that word. Derivation of the word Kaffir: The word is derived from the Arabic term kafir (meaning 'infidel'), which originally had the meaning 'one without religion'. Hmmmmmmmmm...
That is true. There is no mechanism to collect other than to withhold a refund in the amount of the "penalty" (what they called it until the suit that went to the SCOTUS, then they argued it t be a tax); then, as shamefully buying that argument & Justice Roberts redefining it as a "tax". No garnishing wages or arrests for evading this Obamacare tax.
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PA Sen: Pat Toomey May Face Old Foe In 2016

Dot50 Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 1:58 AM
Joe Sestak is an idiot! We may not be all that happy with Pat Toomey, especially considering the Toomeey/Manchin gun bill, but we cannot allow the Dems to take that seat!
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National Debt Hits $18,000,000,000,000

Dot50 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 3:10 PM
From FY2009 through 2012, annual deficits were over $1Trillion, Obama is taking credit for reducing the deficit after tripling it over FY2008. Cute maneuver!
Also to Al Sharpton who continues to incite this behavior.
True, Joe. There were many folks protesting & trying to persuade Congress, but the way it was done, Christmas Eve vote, then reconciliation, there was no input permitted from any sane faction. The "Healthcare summit" in February 2009 was a joke also. I think the administration was trying to show the Republicans as a bunch of know-nothings, when they really had very salient points & made them well.
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Is Tragedy in Ottawa Linked to ISIS?

Dot50 Wrote: Oct 24, 2014 10:42 AM
Welcome home! Thank you for your service. From a Desert Shield/Desert storm vet. God bless!
Interesting that the president said we were "...redoubling our efforts to strengthen Iraq's security forces and support the Iraqi government & people". This was far from the truth. If "we" had supported the government, they would not have turned to Iran for help & support. Staying involved would have given "us" the chance to influence the formation and continuation of a balanced, inclusive government that our Dear Leader says was the requisite action to his affording assistance when ISIS started its march & Iraq requested help. He whines every time he's challenged. It's always everyone's fault but HIS.
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