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The Politics of Envy

Dot462 Wrote: May 05, 2012 12:54 PM
Check out Thomas Sowell's The Vision of the Anointed (in particular) and some of his other writings for discussion of the envy and jealousy which has been directed at certain groups (Jews, Lebanese, rich people) based on the concepts of exploitation by such people. Obama plays into this with comments such as the one about if we share the wealth we'll all be better off. "Inequality" is just a way for power-seekers to assert that they "know" what's best for the great unwashed and they "know" just how to redistribute rich people's money. This pernicious set of beliefs led directly to the confiscation of Jewish property by the Nazis and the ability of Nazi Germany to wage war. Loot-and-steal philosophy needs to end.

Why are so many liberals obsessing about inequality? Why does the president keep talking about rich people as part of his re-election campaign?

Two things to remember about the pundits: (1) the chattering class has to chatter about something and (2) the worst thing for a professional chatterer is to be ignored. One thing to remember about the president: he desperately wants to be re-elected.

Here’s the overall problem: The political left has no solutions to our most pressing problems. Whether the issue is economic growth or runaway entitlement spending or non-performing public schools, left-of-center solutions...