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The California 'Mordida'

Dot462 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 2:30 PM
NV is not that far. Persuade the grandkids' parents to move out with you. My husband and I did that -- moved up to Reno along with my mom and daughter and her husband, sold two houses in CA for way more than we paid and bought houses for way less in NV. Depends on what work your kids do, but there is opportunity elsewhere in low tax areas.

California now works on the principle of the mordida, or "bite." Its government assumes that it can take something extra from residents for the privilege of living in their special state.

Gov. Jerry Brown made that assumption explicit in his latest back-and-forth with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who keeps luring Californians to lower-tax, higher-employment Texas. Recently, Brown said of Texas, "Who would want to spend summers there in 110-degree heat inside some kind of fossil fuel air conditioner?"

Translated, Brown's retort meant that despite California's sluggish economy, high taxes and poor services, it's still worth staying there to enjoy its beautiful...