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Harry Reid: Public Enemy No. 1

Dot462 Wrote: Oct 05, 2014 3:36 PM
I can't second what is said in this commentary often enough. If voters don't elect enough Repubs in the Senate to kick Reid out of the majority leader position they will consign this country to further inability to take any action in the Senate. Of course, gridlock is not entirely a bad thing considering who's in the White House, since even if both houses become Repub Obama will just veto anything he doesn't want and there probably won't be enough votes for an override. Unfortunately, Reid enjoys union support and has a lot of clout in Nevada to get people to give him and his PAC money which he uses to support the election of Dems. My most favorite scene I would like to see is a Repub Senate after November. Not that the Repubs are really good, but anything is better than having Reid as majority leader.
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Must We Loose This Mortal Coil at 75?

Dot462 Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 12:16 PM
There's a difference between "loose" and "lose." I don't know how that headline passed through the author, editors, writers... Oh, well. As to the sentence about old Zeke probably authoring the provision that doctors should get paid for "end-of-life counseling," they already are. Doctors (and nurses and physicians' assistants) ask patients whether they have a Living Will or a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, which are forms asking patients to consider what they want done in case they are medically incapacitated. The "end-of-life counseling" isn't just a session limited to that topic, but a part of an office visit or consultation. Now, there's a code for it. It has nothing to do with knocking off old people when they are "too old." The main issue to consider is that when the decisions for what to pay for is vested in a govt entity with a limited budget, then decisions will be made on reimbursement based on SOMETHING. Old Zeke has put forth a method -- cost/benefit analysis. If people could pay for their own health care and not rely on the govt, they would be able to make the decisions about expensive treatments based on their ability to afford it. There's inequality in every system and many people don't like deciding health treatments based on money, but the hard reality is that medical treatment isn't free, whether govt (taxpayers) pay for it or people do. Our system of DRG reimbursement puts the burden on providers to treat people with less and less pay (for Medicare/Medicaid patients). The main thing is that the system should be voluntary. Once the IPAB comes into existence next year, decisions will be made (as they have been under N.I.C.E. in the U.K.) to not fund certain treatments (expensive ones) in people over a certain age (like, no coronary artery bypass surgeries if over 65). Rationing exists now -- rationing by lowered provider reimbursement, which has forced many providers out of business, or into not taking Medicare/Medicaid. But, since the costs continue to rise, the govt may use the IPAB to decide whether to deny payments for people over a certain age, or preemie babies (that commonly run up a million dollars), or terminal illnesses which are treated palliatively with expensive drugs. Can't avoid rationing unless we want unlimited payments for every treatment which has to be financed by increased debt.
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Saving California One Republican At A Time

Dot462 Wrote: Sep 29, 2014 12:33 PM
Unfortunately, the big cities control how the votes go in CA. The only way the voters there will wake up is to see big problems that cost them a lot of money and have been implemented by a Dem-controlled legislature. Maybe this author isn't giving up on CA, but back in 1995 I did and I've never regretted moving to Nevada. Unfortunately, there are a lot of refugees from CA over here and some of them don't understand that what they voted for over there will ruin Nevada if they vote that way here. I saved 20 years of state income tax, lowered my property taxes by 2/3 and saved lots of money with not commuting, enjoyed no "rush hour" and a nice four-season climate here close to Tahoe. Tesla saw the advantages. Now, all we have to do is defeat the proposal for a margins tax. I hope the voters are smart enough to understand that taxing the GROSS RECEIPTS of a business means a business can owe the tax even if they lost money. A stupid proposal -- but understandable since it came from the teacher's union.
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Even Libs Say No to Hillary in 2016

Dot462 Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 1:38 PM
Whenever I see a display of Hillary's book, I turn them upside down. Since I've been doing that, others have also done it. I'm gratified. Maybe I didn't start it, but I can hope. Keep up the good work out there and turn Hillary's book upside down in the displays.
We've got someone in there now who has no experience except political and look where we are. Not having political experience is a good thing. I agree that Ben wouldn't be the right candidate for president. He's too nice, appears not ruthless. Nice guys don't become president. I like Allen West, but he can't win.
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Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!

Dot462 Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 11:17 AM
It's a bad thing to have a president who says on TV that there is no strategic policy on ISIS. It was just as bad when Obama said he would take some action (unspecified) if Assad stepped over the line (unspecified) in Syria and then Obama did nothing. We're between a rock and a hard place in the Middle East where we have a choice between two evils: Repressive dictatorships like Assad vs. terrorists like ISIS. Obama seems incapable of developing a coherent policy on any foreign policy. Knowing all that, it is not an answer to just sit back and watch what happens. The U.S. did that in the 1930s and did not move militarily until after Pearl Harbor. The question has always been whether isolationists held back involvement when earlier action might have forestalled or even avoided the long war. I don't know what the right thing to do in the Middle East is, but I do know we won't know the answer to that until some terrorists do something we can't step back from, like putting a nuclear weapon in Tel Aviv. We better have some policy to answer that, if we can't prevent it. I know the libertarian doctrine that we only use violence and force in self defense, which means we have to wait until attacked, but sometimes an enemy is so disgusting that we better think about how best to destroy him before he becomes so powerful that a good ally such as Israel is wiped off the map. The biggest mistake the U.S. has made was thinking that we could inculcate democracy into a country with conflicting religious outlooks whose adherents are willing to kill each other because of tribalism and a 7th century religion. We'd only have two alternatives there: Either take over the country and run it our way, or don't do anything and get out of there. I know Ron Paul wants us to get out and leave it alone, but I'm not sure that's the right move. Right now, I'm sure there's no committment here to taking over Iraq and running it. So, we won't know what policy would have been any good until a few years from now. I think Dr. Paul might be wrong that a majority of people in that region don't want to live under that 7th century religion; I do think that many of them do, but they just can't agree on whether it should be Shia, Sunni or what. If they do want Sharia law, whether Shia or Sunni, then the U.S. can't be involved because we'd have to take sides and that would mean the other side would fight to the death because these people are dedicated in their beliefs.
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Blacks Must Confront Reality

Dot462 Wrote: Aug 29, 2014 1:20 PM
The trouble is nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds and, over several decades, blacks have been victims (more than other races) of welfare policies. Why work if you can get paid not to? Why get married when the mothers and children can qualify for aid, but not if there's a man married to the woman? Why take responsibility for raising children when you're distracted by drug use or alcohol consumption, or are engaged in sale of drugs (a very lucrative income)? The govt schools don't help, being engaged in passing forward many students who are not ready for more advanced work in order to boost statistics. It's a downward-spiraling system and many people of many races have been sucked down by it.
A confluence of stupidity. Too powerful a weapon to be handled by a small girl. Clueless parents. Weapons instructor not controlling the weapon. Unfortunately, when stupid rules the day everybody pays, sometimes the ultimate price.
Yeah, way too many CA license plates tooling around up here. I moved to Reno in 1995 and am glad I didn't have to pay state income tax in CA any more, but now we don't need any more people showing up. I don't go to the MGM properties when I'm in Vegas.
Perhaps, if we're lucky and half the voters are not still brain dead, enough new Senators can be elected to have a new person in charge in the Senate. Maybe Harry Reid will retire after that and not run in 2016. His comment about the tourists that were going to visit the new visitor's center in D.C. were offensive, also. He didn't like smelling them so close to his office. What a guy! I get a lot of thumbs-up for my bumper sticker that says Harry Reid Does Not Speak for this Nevadan.
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Tuition Pays for This

Dot462 Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 6:57 PM
You missed the U.N. list of "rights" to include a job, a house, clothing, food, water (of course, no analysis of how all that would be paid for). No need to study our old-fashioned Bill of Rights because it was, like, so restrictive and didn't recognize the entitlement to everything -- paid for by someone else -- a job provided by somebody.
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