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Taxpayers, Revolt!

Dot32 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 9:52 PM
And maybe we should ask ourselves why are there so many poor? Has the "war on poverty" been a total failure? It has because it has exacerbated the problem instead of eradicating it! A safety net is not one that should be wallowed in for generations...which it is for some! You liberals should start a voluntary program--adopt a poor person, and you can sponsor that person. Pay for all they need etc. If you don't like that idea--why not?
Congress returned to "work" this week (now there's a laugh) to complete its lame-duck session before taking another holiday. Spending other people's money is a taxing experience.

Their task is to avoid the "fiscal cliff," a geological construct of their own making. It doesn't take a genius to predict both parties will try to do two things: (1) reach an agreement that will allow each side to take some credit and (2) require those who work for a living to pay government more while they come up with phony, or inconsequential spending "cuts."

Whatever they do, payroll taxes...