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Obama: "We Didn't Have The Luxury For Michelle Not To Work"

Dot32 Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 10:00 PM
Hear! Hear!!! How we elected this person is beyond me! He and his wife are two of the most spoiled, elitist, horrid people ever! Having witnessed a person be treated without dignity by hospital personnel, I have come to dislike Michele and everything she stands for all the more!

Here's Obama speaking at the White House to the Women's Economic Forum. There's many angles to take here regarding the President's remarks and those made by Democrat strategist, Hilary Rosen (see video below) but what I need to comment on is Obama's using the word "luxury" to describe those families with stay-at-home mothers. Allow me to delve into my Christian worldview regarding this matter as I know many of you have a secular world view.