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I wonder what the left would be saying if the teacher had given the assignment to write about the economic advantages of slavery. It is critical thinking...but I think they would be frothing at the mouth and behaving in a very scary manner
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Quit Playing Politics with Kids

Dot32 Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 12:51 PM
Using children as battering rams is what these people do. I expect better of you, Chavez. If people are not willing to personally sponsor these kids, they should shut up. Not one tax dollar should go to them. Period!
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The Petulant President

Dot32 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 9:24 PM
I was thinking the same thing. The press was unkind--he did not throw a fit. Congress did not go along with him all the time--he did not throw a fit. He was lampooned and people implied he was not intelligent--he did not throw a fit. That man was dignified, and he always conducted himself as an adult...the man in there now--not so much. His wife wasn't even proud to be American until Baraky was elected...what does that say? I am proud to be an American, I love this country, but that man cannot leave the White House soon enough to please me!!!
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When Kids Show Up at Our Borders

Dot32 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 9:12 PM
Once again, children are being used as battering rams to get the utmost in sympathy. Here is the problem--how much money are we giving to those countries? Why not shut off the tap and tell them we will no longer import their problems. IF we have to take care of those children here--why send another dime to their inept and corrupt leaders? I am tired of people speaking in politically correct terms to claim those of us who don't want these problems sent to our country are somehow xenophobic or that we are nativists. Send the skilled, send the ones who will not depend on government assistance, send the ones who will be an asset. Please stop the flow of those who will be used by corporations and the rich to line their own pockets.
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Happy Birthday George W.

Dot32 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 7:23 PM
Very true!
The sad thing is the state is mostly red--it is just we are outvoted by Cook County and a few other liberal pockets. It is sad!!! I do not see why they are such slow learners up north--the state is a hellhole, and it has been run into the ground by liberal politicians, but they keep voting for them. The Democrats just keep working overtime to give "freebies" (read tax-payer funded) to those who are undeserving. The state is a pathetic mess, and unless we get more people paying the taxes instead of taking from--it is not going to get better.
The last line says it all...if a woman does not want to work for a company that doesn't provide the insurance she thinks she is entitled to, then it is her responsibility to do so. I paid for my own birth control pills for years never realizing I should have been screeching that it was someone else's duty to pay. Truly, is anything "free?" NO. We pay through higher premiums because nothing is free!!!
Frankly, this is sickening! If we are not the greatest nation on earth...which one is according to these people? Why are they not proud? Is it because America is not perfect? Well, my kids aren't perfect either, but I am still as proud as I can be of each and every one of them! Is there room for improvement? Yes there is! One way to improve would be to tell the deadbeats there is no more free lunch or "free" anything else! Everyone pulls their weight, and everyone invests in the success of this nation! I am more than a little disgusted at people who would say they are anything but proud and anything other than this is the greatest nation to ever exist on this planet!
I have a feeling if the shoe was on the other foot, and it was a Repub admin going after liberal groups you would not be singing the same tune. Hypocrite much?
I am shaking my head here...the IRS was out of control, and you know they felt what they were doing was fine because the president made it obvious he was not going to punish anyone who went after his enemies...that man makes Richard Nixon look like a piker! I am sickened!
This is just one more example of how liberals have to block opposing ideas to win! Those who fear the ideas of the other side have already exposed weakness in their own views.
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