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Income Gap Wider in Blue States

Dot32 Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 8:08 PM
How do those even go together? Why should the wealthy be the ones to shoulder the entire tax burden? They earned the money, the poor didn't. Also, the poor ARE being screwed over--by handing them an unearned check, they become dependent and little more than a drain on society. Providing decent jobs is more important than simply giving money. If you would not simply hand money over to your kids, never requiring they work and gain skills while ensuring they won't try to find a job and become a productive member of society, why would you do that for the poor? Sticking your head in the sand and having zero expectations ensures they will remain poor, and no amount of government assistance is going to change that. The poor are being much more screwed over by the liberals than anyone could ever fathom.
What a great story! I am so glad he safely made it to Normandy and back! Men like him with that can-do attitude are the reason the allied forces won the war! God Bless Mr. Jordan.
Thank you for reporting this honestly. My newspaper just made mention there had been a trade. It gave no further information. I know the no-negotiation policy seems harsh, but there is a reason for it!
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There Is A Good Case For Reparations

Dot32 Wrote: Jun 01, 2014 5:38 PM
I find the reparations argument to be interesting. If ALL blacks were suffering, that would be one thing...that is NOT the case--not even close. There is no corruption of the blood. If my father killed someone and then died before serving his sentence--I would not be forced to serve it. I am not trying to be unkind, but haven't we paid enough in welfare to more than make up for the nation's supposed sins?
Many year ago, my husband (at that time) joked about having a list of people he would kill if he ever found out he as dying because he would have nothing to lose. I thought it was odd, but I never took him seriously because he seemed to be joking. He is now my ex-husband, and we have had contentious moments over the years over disagreements about the kids (that and his current wife hates my guts merely because exist). I have heard recently that he has been diagnosed with a terminal disease...guess who is sleeping with her handgun by her bed. It is sad that the anti-gunners trip over themselves to vilify and stigmatize gun owners, but they won't address the elephant in the room which is that these mass murderers have all been mentally ill.
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First Redistribute Vatican Wealth

Dot32 Wrote: May 13, 2014 10:33 PM
I disagree with you. To whom do the artifacts belong? They belong to the church (all Catholics in the world), and the church can dispose of them to do what it says is social justice. Because the Catholic Church has a vested interest in taking from those who earn and giving to those who do not, we all need to take a closer look. Why does the church not truly evangelize to those who are making choices that lead to poverty (here in US and other developed nations) and instead chastises those of us who just are not generous enough to want to give half or three quarters of our earnings to those poor? Why is the church not calling out those leaders in foreign countries who oppress and keep people poor? Why does the church want governments to redistribute? I believe it is to keep the poor away from their doors. The church is not leading by example, so all cries for social justice ring a little hollow.
I live in Illinois, and tenure is out the window. Keeping your job could depend on your job evaluation. Seniority is no longer a protection. In our school, prior to this, poor teachers were generally not allowed to reach tenured status. That being said, I started out in the Catholic School system where there was no such thing as tenure, so I did what came naturally--I brought my best game every single day!!! As a public school teacher, I do the same. The kids deserve that, and I can sleep at night knowing I am doing the best I can for kids. The government is our worst enemy, however. Schools are judged based on numerous things, one being graduation rate. This means failing kids is frowned on even if the teacher is jumping through hoops to help the student help himself or herself even if the student is doing NOTHING! Many parents no longer back teachers who are working to ensure their child learns! Students can never really be disciplined because we can't run the risk of upsetting the little darlings. D and F grades are monitored at our school, and teachers are questioned if there are over a certain number regardless of the students. I once created a very awkward silence at a faculty meeting when the admin was ranting about the number of D and F grades. I said--with our ACT scores, it is a miracle there are not more. Grade inflation and ego inflation seem to be encouraged, and that is sickening! Those who do not teach have no idea about what really goes on behind the scenes!
...and when illegals from Mexico do this...they do not get deported; I do not like Bieber, but it would be hypocritical to the extreme to deport a reprobate white boy while letting so many Mexicans who commit crimes stay.
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Why Are The Poor, Poor?

Dot32 Wrote: Apr 19, 2014 10:47 PM
You are a teacher, I see it all the time.
Like the author, I live in Illinois; like him I also have a FOID card which required a picture. They do not use the submitted picture but rather the picture on your driver's license. So, let me get this straight--I have to have a photo ID to drive; I have to have a photo ID to purchase a gun and/or ammo. YET it is not right to ask people to have a photo ID to vote...uh that does not make sense. Do you ever hear them cry that people won't be able to get a driver's license? a gun card? I never have. In Illinois, I am disenfranchised because I am a white Conservative woman. The dead vote Democrat...the takers vote Democrat...too many in Chicago vote Democrat...the cheaters--all Democrat...therefore, those of us who follow the rules are outvoted and suffer continually. My question is WHY is it somehow racist to ask that people have a photo ID to vote?? Are they implying minorities will be unable to provide it? I want to know their reasons.
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Holder's Race Card

Dot32 Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 12:49 AM
All I say to those people is--yes, you all were so incredibly civil to George W. Bush...did the libs think their behaviors would go unnoticed? unanswered? Oh yes, I forget, they are like the bullies in the sandbox. When the tables are turned, they cry and whine.
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