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Who Was Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley?

Dot32 Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 4:00 PM
The article is horrifying enough, and there certainly is blame enough to go around! Anyone who pandered in an attempt to look "tolerant and open minded" should look in the mirror when things like this happen. The mayor of NYC is not a bright bulb. The president and attorney general who have to hold up the race prism to every issue are not blameless either. All that being said, I find Yolanda Massey (whoever she is) to be an extreme low life. Hypocrisy abounds!!!!!
I keep seeing Illinois listed as a liberal state. While it often goes for liberals, the blame lies in Cook County (home of Chicago where the dead are eligible to vote. If you check out a county map of Illinois for this past election, you will find Senator Durbin didn't win anything but Cook County where his lead was insurmountable. The new Republican governor won most counties by commanding leads.
I am a teacher and membership in the union is NOT an option. I do not support what they stand for, and I resent any money going to Democrats. The union president spoke at a recent FACULTY meeting (captive audience) while administrators were present. She said I am not going to tell you to vote for Pat Quinn for governor, but I am going to tell you not to vote for Bruce Rauner. Pat is the uber liberal idiot that heads Illinois right now. She launched into scare tactics, so I got up and left. I then scheduled a meeting with administration and told them this better NEVER happen again. Another union rep says they have been instructed to come around and ask all of us if we voted once the election is over. I am telling them it is none of the union's business? This is just a camel with its nose in the tent!!!
Leave it to a liberal. If a real threat showed up with a gun, she would be glad Halleck had his, and she would expect him to do something. What a nut she is!!!
Governor Quinn is a disgrace. For too long the downstate voters have been disenfranchised by the Chicago Dems who recruit voters from the grave yards. I had an occasion to talk to my state senator the other night, and he is beyond frustrated (he announces volleyball games at the high school where I work, so all comments were off the cuff and I believe heartfelt). He mentioned that Pat Quinn would have to personally burn down school buildings before the teacher unions would think badly of him, and as far as pensions for teachers--he said we were better off leaving our money on a porch in a bad neighborhood...things are going to bet even more interesting in Illinois soon...
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Megyn Kelly Destroys Bill Ayers, Again

Dot32 Wrote: Sep 20, 2014 10:41 AM
Bill Ayers thinks himself a charmer! She wasn't charmed, and she saw right through him--that is something people of his ilk don't like at all!
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50 Years of the War on Poverty

Dot32 Wrote: Aug 08, 2014 9:35 PM
Schools are being prevailed on to do better. If the graduation rate is poor--that is a mark against the school...yet students know if they do not get an education, they are not going to starve...and taxpayers (although they just think of it as the gubmint) will take care of them with a house, food, cash, etc. If teachers do poorly--the will receive poor evaluations and theoretically lose their jobs. What is doing poorly? Not having appropriate data to prove their teaching strategies are working., pray tell, why can't we hold government programs to the same standard? If the data shows it isn't working--GONE. I think the fact we are still "fighting" a war on poverty--and nothing is getting better (in fact things are getting worse) proves we are in a quagmire, and the war needs to be called a loss, and something new must take its place. Earning one's keep and supporting one's children should be first and foremost required.
Have you done any research, Lois? Maybe there is a reason he hasn't been waterboarded. Do you call Obama a liar for not bringing peace in the Middle East? How is the rest of the world loving us working out for us? What about stopping that rise of the oceans? What about his non-transparent administration? Before you point your finger--keep in mind that your bunch is filled with people who wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and introduced itself.
You use the word intellectual very loosely, right?
Seriously? Russell Brand is not very smart. All we need for peace to exist in the world is for everybody to accept that terrorists are going to be terrorists and not resist. There is a huge difference, Russ, between Peace and Appeasement, and the civilized world can tell you that Appeasement does not lead to peace. I think the Jews can tell you most of all. I have a feeling Russ is an Anti-Semite who believes if the Jews would just die out, the world would be some kind of utopia. Gee, Brand, you do not know history very well, do ya? is illegal to press it when a Hispanic looking person can't produce an ID. My son (he looks a little Hispanic even though he is not) asked a bank employee that when she demanded an photo ID (he should have shrieked racism as those who oppose voter ID want to do) what would you do if I could not produce one? She hemmed and hawed and then said--well you would have to go through some more paperwork...WHAT?
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