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With our open border, what good is Homeland Security?
The bad thing is--so are those of us smart enough to see past the empty suit. The parasites are the ones really killing us. My feeling is--if libs vote to raise taxes (of any kind), government benefits (other than to seniors who earned their money) should be cut by the same percentage.
I think it says it all when people are upset by commercials. It's ok to dislike some and like some better than others, but the fact people were up in arms because some insurance company had a commercial that "ruined their entire Superbowl experience" is beyond weird! What first-world whiners some are!!!!!!!!!!
I am a public school teacher, and I hate every dime I pay to the union. The only time I have ever even thought of using the union was when I felt the administrators were not supporting my behavioral and academic expectations. You cannot even begin to understand the frustration of holding a kid accountable just to have a principal baby the kid and take away any consequences "so he doesn't drop out." I have also held academic expectations that are attainable with effort. It is difficult to have high standards when there can be NO failure (even if the student can do the work but chooses not to do so). I despise the union for the most part, and most of my colleagues know that. I have not been shy about leaving meetings when the union president (who happens to be a friend of mine) begins speaking about whatever the current tripe is.
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The State of the Bubble Address

Dot32 Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 8:23 AM
What you say is absolutely true. I teach high school students, and at a recent meeting one of the teachers brought up "free community college." I spoke up and said--can we please call it tax-payer funded community college because nothing is free. Some in the room looked at me like I had just cancelled their birthday parties. Of course, I am the rebel in the bunch because I am willing to stand up and walk out of a meeting when the union president tells us how "not to vote." Administrators had stayed in the meeting because it wasn't technically union business, and I blasted them too. One of them tried to imply that I could be disciplined for leaving the meeting (after hours,,,and politicking...I don't think so), and I let him know that he didn't have a leg to stand on! Of course, I don't know if the union would have backed me...haha...
You are right...I just wonder what would happen if we tried to export our poverty to Canada. What are the chances they would take them? This is sickening!!!!
It brings to mind Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter--many called him "He who must not be named." Only the brave dared call him by name. I guess only the brave are willing to say radical Islam is causing the problem. The politically correct cowards would rather pretend it is just a few misguided souls.
In Illinois, our state does everything it can to limit ownership of any means to protect ourselves. I guess they figure if it is just a victim, the police are just supposed to show up and process the crime scene, and it is just another dead person...can't have that person kill the scum now can we? That somehow upsets to natural order according to the idiot libs in charge of our government.
What is "free" to the person receiving a benefit is not always appreciated nor used wisely. Colleges can only handle a limited number of students, what will happen to those who do not get in due to a large influx of ill-prepared kids signing up? Also, since there is pressure for colleges to receive the government money, will grade inflation become even more of a problem than it already is? It has become much, much worse in our high schools with federal intrusion into education (poor grades are an implication the teacher is not doing his or her job correctly). While I would like all students to attend college, I do not think this is the correct way to go. Without some skin in the game, many students will not fulfill their part, and they will come out of community college still the skills needed to become assets to their communities.
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Who Was Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley?

Dot32 Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 4:00 PM
The article is horrifying enough, and there certainly is blame enough to go around! Anyone who pandered in an attempt to look "tolerant and open minded" should look in the mirror when things like this happen. The mayor of NYC is not a bright bulb. The president and attorney general who have to hold up the race prism to every issue are not blameless either. All that being said, I find Yolanda Massey (whoever she is) to be an extreme low life. Hypocrisy abounds!!!!!
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