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why are the townhall chicks hating on Rubio?
Did have to go and dis niclelback like that?
So there is a law, and someone is intentionally breaking it. Why is this person not in Jail?
Someone needs to advise the good Congressmen that they just got their tax RAISE on the rich, so the "tax cuts" on the rich monicker is no longer valid...
GodsLaws, I have to say, if your debate with Frank were a MMA fight, you have roundhouse kicked Frank in the jaw and put him out for the count....It has been a pure joy to see you verbally beat him down with facts and reason.... Well done my friend, well done!
Lets face it, the last demographic this administration will put any effort in for is the white male...add to that a soldier and you really will get no help from Barry....
Careful USMC, Facts make the leftwingnut loons even more asinine
Revenues to the treasury were 4710.37 Billion in 2010, 4850.58 Billion in 2011 and projected at 5022.37 for 2012!! In short, revenues are UP around TWENTY FIVE PERCENT subsequent to the extending of the Bush/Obama tax cuts!!!! Why isnt our side starting every interview, every speech with this fact. The PROBLEM is that SPENDING is up! In 2007 Washington spending was 4.9 Trillion. Forward to 2012 and spending has skyrocketed to $6.3 Trillion!!
Go read the goals of the Tea Party here: http://www.teaparty-platform.com/ If people dont believe in these simple ideas, then we are all screwed...
The Tea Party movement is purely a fiscal/economic one. They make no mention of any of the social issues. To try and paint these people as social conservatives is either 1. a LIE from a lying liar or 2. A statement from a very ignorant person. Which one are you?
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