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During his presidency Bush rode a bike instead of going golfing, and he spent 490 days at his Texas ranch alone. And yes, dems complained. But did you hold him to the same standards and expectations that you now demand from Obama ?
So do you believe that Obama signed the SOFA and SFA agreement's ? And that we should never blame the terrorists for attacks on Americans or on U.S. diplomatic facilities ? It's just as ludicrous to blame Obama for many of these things as it was to blame Bush. But for some reason with Obama it's ok because....?
A U.S. president taking vacation or going golfing ? WTH....??? That's NEVER happened before. This is OUTRAGEOUS !!!
I didn't realize that we were keeping score. Does it really matter how many times one side has done it vs. the other ? No.... Not really. Could I come up with examples other than just the one from Townhall.com. Sure.... But would you care ? I highly doubt it....
It's pretty obvious both sides of the aisle are guilty of black listing companies that are liberal or conservative. Heck it's even done here by Townhall.com. 5 Corporations That Should Be Blacklisted By Conservatives - ... townhall.com/.../5-corporations-that-should-be-blacklisted-by-c... - Similar
Because events like this never happen otherwise ? Were 9/11, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and the invasion of Georgia by Russia also part of this devious plan you speak of ?
If Obama wanted to pull down Christianity would he have supported the faith based initiatives ? No..... Also, every Christian I know doesn't engage in or approve of ugly hateful rhetoric. Which makes me question whether or not you are actually a Christian.
So because he's not moving tanks into the Ukraine like he did in Georgia in '08'. That means he's a humanitarian ? So exactly how long did you spend in that Spa in Northern Siberia Lenny ?
A climate study funded in part by the Kochs and headed by Richard Muller. Who had been critical of other climate change studies that had been done earlier. Including some of the data from Mann's study. Came to basically the same conclusion regarding temperature and cause. For those interested, here is the link. http://berkeleyearth.org/
A pretty good trick. Because one of the things they believe is contributing to climate change is actually changing the pH of the oceans. Do you think they really went to that much trouble in a attempt to transfer wealth ?
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