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Recessions lead to higher gold prices. The same thing happened in the 80's. And then again about 2001 - 2002. At which point the price began a steady climb to where it is now. http://goldprice.org/images/monthly_dollar.gif Some now often look to retail sales and corporate profits as a indicator. But that obviously doesn't work. Seeing as corporate profits and retail sales are ( and for a while now ) have been doing just fine. Here is the latest retail sales report. Corp. profits can be found on the same site. http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/RSXFS
Imagine if every president since Johnson had taken a position almost identical to the following. Yet as many as 80% of Americans seem to be totally unaware of that fact. -- “Israel should not undertake any activity that contravenes road map obligations or prejudice final status negotiations with regard to Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. Therefore, Israel must remove unauthorized outposts and stop settlement expansion.” President Bush speaking with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, May 26, 2005
Q- Who first opened up dialogue with political members of the Muslim Brotherhood ? A - If you said Obama. You are wrong. U.S. approves contacts with Muslim Brotherhood: 'Region is going Islam' WASHINGTON — The Bush administration has been quietly engaging the Muslim Brotherhood movement. Officials said the State Department has approved a policy that would enable U.S. diplomats to meet and coordinate with Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, Iraq, Syria and other Arab states. They said the program would first be restricted to elected officials from the Brotherhood and eventually be extended to their political chiefs. "The region is going Islam," an official said. "We see this in nearly every country in the Middle East. We either understand it and engage with it or find ourselves completely out of the picture." The Brotherhood has been regarded as the inspiration for Muslim movements throughout the Arab world. The organization, founded in Egypt, spread through Saudi financing and has served as the inspiration for Al Qaida. More here: http://www.worldtribune.com/worldtribune/WTARC/2007/ss_egypt_06_27.asp
Sure... There is Ransom's Obama hating Islamophobic fantasy world. And then there is reality. "For many years, it's been well known that Republican White Houses are far more Muslim-friendly than Democratic White Houses. Muslims have held this long standing belief for many years, and one needs to look no further than how each handles Muslim holidays". "The one time that President Clinton mention the words "Ramadan" and "Eid" on television was in 1998 when he was discussing sending cruise missles into Baghdad and Afghanistan. He said that he didn't want to bomb Muslims on Eid, so he sent them 3 days earlier at the end of Ramadan instead. Very tactful. An early Eid present of cruise missles". "Unlike previous administrations which barely mentioned Eid and Ramadan, the Bush White House has held countless Iftars (break fast dinner parties) for the White House staff as well as Muslim community leaders. Previous Democratic presidents never held Iftars, and Clinton even cancelled the one Iftar which was planned due to some "political pressure" from other Democratic party supporters. The White House and President Bush are celebrating and recognizing Eid, in the latest White House statement": More here - http://muslimrepublicans.net/Article.asp?ID=163
What actions has Perry taken ? ( I mean other than whine about Obama ) What actions have the republicans in the house taken ? ( Other than avoid voting on immigration reform passed in the senate ) And you know as well as I do that if Obama went to the border. He would be accused of a photo op. And how can you accuse the president of a "Nero" moment when the majority of republicans aren't doing anything at all ? In fact the president is starting to make them look really bad in comparison.
While not perfect. S.744 passed by the senate a year ago is better than what we have now. And is tougher than the immigration reform Bush put forward at the end of his 2nd term. Maybe Boehner should put it up for a vote. Just don't tell anyone that Obama has said he would sign it.
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Best News Ever: Obama is Worst Ever!

dosborne Wrote: Jul 07, 2014 12:08 PM
33% is a majority ?
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Target Joins the Anti-Gun Movement

dosborne Wrote: Jul 03, 2014 3:09 PM
Don't blame Target. Blame the irresponsible gun owner that left a loaded gun in the toy aisle of a Target store. Blame those gun owners that can't seem to go anywhere without letting the entire world know that they are carrying a deadly weapon. I mean seriously, how does anyone know that the person they see in a store or walking in public openly carrying a weapon isn't about to open fire on them. Why is this such a issue now for ( some ) people ? Open carry activists even took their rifles into a Target store in Dallas and photographed themselves in the baby aisle. Is that responsible gun ownership ? Is that even rational ? Of course it isn't.... And nobody should be surprised now by the reaction from Target and others that actually are responsible and rational. The fact that Target and others don't want people brandishing their guns in the stores doesn't mean they are anti-gun. I own several, and still see no rational reason to openly carry a gun in public. And very rarely any reason to carry a concealed weapon. It's almost as though we have a bunch of adults running acting as though they are cowboys in the old west. Or are acting as though they are Rambo. To these people all I have to say is GROW UP !!! Stay home if you want to play your games.
Ransom isn't going after the Al Gores. He's going after the scientist's. And I don't know very many wealthy scientists. Do you ?
Once you start saying that it's a bad thing to study the oceans in regards to the impact pollution has on it. The next thing you know you aren't going to want to know if the Earth is flat or round. This news which John seems to feel is new, really isn't new.... All that is new is the extent at which we have polluted our oceans. Many studies have already been done. We know that it's killing marine life and is entering the food chain. We consume animal's that have consumed plastic. Or have eaten other marine animals that have eaten it. But I guess some feel it's better to remain ignorant of what's happening in the world around us. To the point that they condemn others that don't feel the same way they do about science. And that is truly sad......
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