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The People Who Count the Votes

Dorothy152 Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 5:58 PM
Strange! We are raising the minimum wage again. Now we fill our own gas tanks and clean our own windshields because labor is too expensive for the station operator and so now we pay the unemployed individual that used to do it unemployment money to sit at home. Sure is a strange world isn't it! Government sure is making our lives better - isn't it!!!!!! .

The whole world waits with bated breath, or at least they should. 

This weekend marks the greatly anticipated Italian general election; however, this battle of the ballots has become much more than just your typical prime minister vote gathering event. 

The candidates include current Italian Democratic Party Secretary Pier Luigi Bersani who is essentially the stand-in for all of the following: Mario Monti, Mario Draghi, the IMF, Angela Merkel, the ECB, maybe even Ben Bernanke, and of course, Goldman Sachs. 

And despite being forced out of office in late 2011 by the aforementioned gang and replaced by...