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Latest Obamacare Push: $67 Million for 'Messengers'

Dorothy152 Wrote: Aug 16, 2013 4:42 PM
Guess it is a 'hard sell' when it is overpriced, underfunded, inefficient and nothing but a farce to bring in more welfare votes.
The Obama administration is spending $67 million on Obamacare "navigators" in order to help individuals figure out new and healthcare exchanges that go into effect October 1. We've already learned the exchanges won't work like "Travelocity" as previously promised.

The [Health and Human Services] department said 105 organizations received the grants to help explain coverage options in states where the federal government is running all or part of newly created insurance exchanges.

Republicans have raised questions about the navigators program, warning participants could make off with personal information from people seeking insurance.

The administration says the...
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