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Which policies? Which red lines? Benghazi, IRS, border children, ACA? Well I guess he has supported gay issues and higher minimum wages!
I wonder how many people voted for Obama because they felt he would solve the problems in cities like Detroit! He sure has not achieved that or much of anything else!
Guess the teacher's unions will need more 'parcel taxes' on homeowners to pay to educate these children!
Speak softly but carry a big stick. The Chinese are not stupid and are doing quite well compared to us!
Well I guess it may turn our to be a better investment than ours in over-expensive medicalcare, our entitlement programs, coke and junk made in Asia.
I think they are worth more to Obama and the Democrats! Do you mean the RS does not beck up its computors? How amazing!!!!!!
Perhaps it would be better if Obama played more golf and made less speeches and fund raising trips!
Well he has saved them with food stamps and entitlements - trouble is he is burying the the other 58% who are working and making the money to pay for them.
Do you really think anyone is listening to or believing anything Obama says now! 52000 more 'Democratic' voters!
First take the 5th and then lose all your e-mails and destroy your hard discs. Unbelievable in a so-called democratic country.
When a $1 can of soup is shown on sale as a special 2 for $5.99 you got to know inflation is real.
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