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Perhaps too many people are beginning to wake up to the size and repression and taxes being forced on us by the various levels of government. There are limits and one must recall WACO!
Until they have all paid up, we know how many are subsidized and can look at their enrollment figures we may only be getting 'campaign fodder'. Just the facts - please!
The IRS Needs a watchdog on who they cal for audit!
Sad but I no longer trust my government. They have one side - their side!
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Overtaxed and Underpaid

Dorothy152 Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 12:39 PM
Hard not to notice today that the main stream media like the Washington Post today failed to completely to 'notice' that there is a heck of a lot of Americans upset at the high rate of taxes they are now forced to pay. That 49% is easily ignored by them I guess.
I wonder if I should just write on my 1041 "I take the 5th Amendment"!
Trouble is almost half of the voters are the ones receiving our tax money not paying it - Government workers, government retired on high pensions, almost free medical care recipients, 15 year olds with babies and no support, students on government loans, disabled with bad backs or drugged brains, etc., etc. We used to HELP the deserving NEEDY now we include the undeserving irresponsible along with the deserving.
if it was just 'taxes' that would be one thing. I just got billed $2500 for 'storm drainage' on a vacant lot! Wonder what government 'tax' they will dream up next. I was charged $125 for a 'permit' to remove a dead tree on MY property. Is anything really mine or am I just the ' slave' who must clear the weeds of it?f
Half of what one earns being taken by the Feds and your State is far too high. Something has gone seriously wrong in our country. Perhaps it is time for a 'tax revolution'. Government has got too greedy!
And many IRS, lawyer and CPA jobs would die out. May be they could get more productive jobs!
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