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If you are working and paid by the taxpayers you have a responsibility to tell them what you did for them.
They have the obligation to be self supporting but not the 'right' to work!
They do work but I don't think the have a 'right' to work! We sure have a confused government. Who gave them that 'right' I wonder?
Scary! May be we need to learn to say HEIL Obama! Sure seems like the IRS retailiated!
I did and I am doing fine I started with $5 a week and now I get over a$1,000. Work, integrity, honesty and investment paid off for me!
Could not believe that anyone out after a certain time would be 'punished. Wonder what happened to democracy?
And what do you think they do with all that wealth? Put it in a safe and lock it up or invest in America's new industries!!!!!
Income equality is another 'war on women' farce. Sure some people have more income. If you get up and work you earn money, But if you don't you will only have government handouts. Most middle class make sure their children get an education. Those falling behind are mostly those uneducated or unwilling to work an honest job. But the 'rich' are our investment group we rely on to create new industries like Tesla and Branson in the U.K. Tax the heck out of them and we will all become losers.
Unwed mothers!
So now my $60,000 house is valued at $1,000,000 and when I die the government will take 40% of that million or $400,000 and blow it. Yet I am still only leaving a $60,000 house to my family but now the family are only inheriting a little more than half of it! We do all work for government now don't we!
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