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Unfortunately you help elect an incompetent 'great divider' and our country is now very divided. Rich vs poor, taxpayers vs entitled, black vs white, young vs old, corporations vs. unions, middle class vs 'working' class, etc., etc.
did you mean 'golf machine'?
I'm wondering if the ABA has a strong affirmative action program after watching Obama and the two black 'lawyers' that represent the black community in Ferguson the other night!
Well he does support their unions doesn't he!
No he won because he is fulfilling their entitlement dreams, disability (a bad back) student loans (never repaid) green cards for illegal relatives, Black Power to increase their welfare etc. Hopefully the real workers and taxpayers will wake up to the BS they are getting from the left and the far right will get off their anti birth control and abortion and work for the recovery of our country.
But promising higher wages and pensions buys candidates their votes.
Put them in that wonderful Ponzi scheme called social security
Unfortunately so much of our media today baits racists. Most of us accept an individual based on his or her qualities. So there remains a few racists of all colors and types, but why to sell a newspaper does one have to lap up to them?The description of what type of individual only serves to race bate, especially if it is inaccurate!
During WW II Germany shot bomb site looters. The looting stopped and few were shot. Protesting is proper, vandalizing and looting is evil and wrong.
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Oh Goody: The IRS Fairness Brigade!

Dorothy152 Wrote: Aug 06, 2014 6:52 PM
Those in the underground economy would not like that!
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