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Gay Marriage and All That

Dorothy143 Wrote: May 15, 2012 6:41 PM
An increasing number of them do every time it comes up.
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Breaking: Obama Endorses Gay Marriage

Dorothy143 Wrote: May 09, 2012 6:33 PM
This makes me very happy. All you Christians with your bigotry (that you deny but keep revealing with every keystroke on this message board) will eventually have to come to terms with the fact that having the right to your beliefs is not the same thing as having the right to force the rest of society to conform to those beliefs. Thank you, Obama.
Rick, you don't know f***-all about it. I'd say come to CA and meet my friends if you don't think gay people can be proud, but they would eat you for lunch and not give you a second thought.
Hopefully it will be soon! I don't share your optimism with regard to the courts being progressive, but at least there is a chance there. Have a great day!
1. Marriage has not been a static institution for 1000s of years. Read a book on the topic if you don't believe me. I would recommend Marilyn Yalom's _A History of the Wife_. 2. There are lots of traditions that we change because they are incompatible with civil liberties. For example, there is a long, many thousand year old tradition of denying the full personhood of women. But we have tried to change that, why? Because just because something is a tradition doesn't make it good.
I don't understand why conservatives are such hardliners about something that doesn't affect them. I also don't understand why they are so willing to hurt others in their zeal to protect their traditional arrangements. Live your life the way you want. No one is trying to stop you. You are the aggressor here. YOU are the ones hurting others. It is NOT the other way around, you are NOT the victims.
Actually, if you believed your own rhetoric about freedom, you would understand that if straight people can get married, then gay people should also be able to.
Except it hasn't existed as 1 man + 1 woman for 4,000 years. Polygamy used to be a lot more common. Marriage between first cousins was (and in some places still is) standard. People choosing their own marriage partner is really recent, i.e. only in the last 200 years. American women not being considered the legal charges of their husbands only dates from the 1920s (at the earliest). My point is that it has changed a lot. I don't know why people keep repeating this claim that it hasn't changed in 4,000 years. It just isn't true. Even now, if you look at different parts of the world, marriage is practiced very differently from one place to another, and even between different social classes in the same geographic location.
We could do worse than to be like France.
Christian-taliban are Christians who think that God gets angry when societies don't abide by his laws. They say that God's laws are in the Bible, but people who aren't inculturated to believe the things that the Christian taliban believes have a hard time reconciling the Bible with the things they hear coming out of the mouths of the Christian taliban.
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