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Good riddance, retard. Yeah right, one woman's opinion on your zero hero is gonna turn you into a 'Rat voter? Bah! You Ron Paul fanatics are disaffected 'Rats. You think the same things as 'Rats, but are a little more psycho than the 'Rat voters. Yeah, you used to "think" like her, now you just "feel." The 'Rats welcome you home to the loony bin. They'll take care of you, stupid.
Define "neocon," stupid. You Ron Paul fux are as stupid as Ostalin accolytes. I love how you detect "sadness" in the line where Paul wrote, "Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn't make sense." Yeah, there was a REAL melancholy there, huh? Stop throwing words around that you have no clue what the meanings are. It makes you look even more stupid than your "Ron Paul for President" bumper stickers. Face it, if Paul weren't around you would be an Ostalin-worshiping 'Rat like the rest of the cowardly nutsacks in this country. Paul is an a-hole for Tweeting what he did. Effing Ron Paul loser!
Who cares what you used to be? Anyone that still uses the stupid monicker "neocon" doesn't have the sense to vote or criticize others. You Ron Paul worshipers are as dumb, ignorant, and annoying as the Ostalin worshipers. Furthermore, I will bet that YOU sat on your sofa screeching about "illegal war!" and didn't sign up either. You cited your contempt of "illegal war!" to justify YOUR sorry a s s not signing up. You Ron Paul worshiping dummies seem to forget what happened on 9/11/2001, and that the "illegal war!" stemmed from that. You Ron Paul worshiping hippies probably thought we deserved it, just like you phony "god" thinks about Chris Kyle. Go eff yourself with your outdated and stupid names, and your insane politics.
Because we REALLY don't want to HAVE to shoot someone, shrill, hysterical broad. I would bet that YOU probably carry in case someone wants to rape you, right? "But...but...that's different!" Uhhhh no! It's not.
Ok, let's ban alcohol and drugs then, oh yes, and "semi-rural" trailer parks! What?!? Drugs are banned already?!? And people STILL use them?!? Oh MY!
Well bully for you, baby killer!
What a dummy. How indeed would that do ANYTHING to prevent criminals from using guns? Knee-jerk women like you are the problem with this country, not law-abiding gun owners, you dipshit. Why don't we impose like-wise taxes on baby dolls? They lead to teenage pregnancy, disease, unwanted children, who turn into criminals that use guns to kill people. Using your irrational argument against you kinda sucks, doesn't it?
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