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Right Must Summon Moral Courage To Fight Back

Don't Tread On Me3 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 3:19 PM
I have to wonder if the PGA would in some way threaten or sanction Mickelson, probably under mau-mau pressure itself, sort of like the proggies have the NCAA and pro ball leagues wrapped around their pinkies for political correctness? He should tell his idiot "critics" that he has no apologies to make, if they like 60+% confiscation they're welcome to get off the couch, put down the Cheetos, play pro golf, & cough up THEIR hard-ready; he paid his taxes in California, he'll pay them in Florida; it's his money & not theirs; he's not going to pay for politicians to buy others' votes & reward bad behavior; ...
Don't Tread On Me3 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 3:21 PM
... bad fiscal policies in California have bad consequences boo hoo , Californians may have voted for hi taxes but Mickelson didn't run for the office of tax serf & if elected will not serve boo hoo too bad, & anybody who doesn't like it can kiss his posterior.

Maybe freedom-lovers can start writing letters & cancelling subs to the magazines & channels that pay these blowhards to bloviate on matters that are none of their beeswax.
Welcome to an America with liberalism in full ascendancy as golfer Phil Mickelson apologizes for doing nothing wrong while the Obama administration lambasts its opponents for justly demanding it apologize for doing plenty wrong on Benghazi.

Welcome to a land where the gravest problem threatening the nation is spending, where the Democratic president refuses to cut, where the Democratic Senate lawlessly refuses to pass a budget and where Democrats thwart congressional GOP efforts to enact spending and entitlement reform, yet the public is conned into believing that Republicans are the problem.

Welcome to a culture in which the political left is frighteningly intolerant...