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As Chicago Teachers Strike, 79 Percent of Students Can't Read

Don't Tread On Me3 Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 5:09 PM
Seriously, who gets a 15% raise in GOOD times, never mind now when so many would love to still have a job even with a pay cut. Never MIND 35%! This is phony. It's a setup to let The Leader swoop in & "mediate" a prearranged (wink wink at the union bosses & Mayor Emmanuel) raise of say 10%, which is still out there. Then The Leader will take his bows & applause for breaking an impasse & getting schools open again, being "firm" with his buddies in the union, while getting "concessions" from his buddy Rahm. The pop media will swoon & have orgasms.

It's day two of the 26,000 unionized teacher strike in Chicago. More than 400,000 students are still without their classrooms and apparently, without any reading skills. From CNSNews:

Seventy-nine percent of the 8th graders in the Chicago Public Schools are not grade-level proficient in reading, according to the U.S. Department of Education, and 80 percent are not grade-level proficient in math.

Once again, let's revisit why the teachers are on strike. First, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel dared to try and tie teachers to standardized testing scores and proposed evaluating . Second, teachers aren't happy...