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Mr. Prager, You are Wrong on Marijuana

Obama_IS_The_One Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 2:36 PM
"Reefer Madness"??? Hey, just cuz I toke gives you no right to call it "Madness".
JohnHavoc Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 3:36 PM
"Reefer Madness" was a proganda movie from the 40's or 50's, it advanced the idea that if you took a toke off a joint one would be come a crazy nut.

In his column of March 12, 2013, my beloved friend wrote on the issue of legalized marijuana in the state of Colorado. On his radio show, he justifiably bemoaned readers of his column who had written comments questioning his sanity and their relationship over this one issue despite years of being Prager groupies. I will not do any of that. But for only the second time in our long relationship, Mr. Prager, you are dead wrong on a topic … but I still love you.

We Baby Boomers grew up in a generation where marijuana made the jump from the dark...