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Get Your Money Out While You Can

donthecanuck Wrote: Mar 25, 2013 3:06 PM
Then you buy gold and sell it off down the road as your need for cash arises.
You have no idea what you are talking about. The tax rates pay for the services. The healthcare system allows you to not worry about having to pay astronomical amounts of money to get insured. It is a safe place with less regulations and corruption than the US, and its 32m citizens have managed to find the balance that is lacking in the US. Add to that the immense riches that they have. Canada found the correct system of reward and responsibility. It encourages entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Best you remain in the US, if you are inclined to make comments without proper dd.
Your comments clearely indicate your lack of understanding with regards to Ron Paul and his beliefs. Anyone subsribing to labels is simply not to be taken seriously. How about you spend the time attacking his position instead of the man? I guess that you are just another one of those people who will not dso the research and instead watches the boobtube to get your information? Typically, that is why the U.S. is in the mess it is to start with. Too few people take the time to do any research and if something does not meet with what they see on the boobtube, they get on the bandwagon and start calling people names, instead of gainging some knowledge, and making informed choices.
There is a clear and very precise diefference betwene isolationism and non-interventionism. If you believe Ron Paul is an isolationist, then you are already opining from a position of limited knowledge of the man's position. Read your constitution once again and find out what the terms mean and how they apply to RP. Perhaps a tad more research will help you better understand the man's correct position.
LOL...........you need to spend a little more time trying to figure out the basics here. If you think you have it right, then by all means, school us in the reasons that natural gas is at its lowest levels in many years? So, your solution to gas prices is to nuke india and china? Okay, I give up.
Unless of course, the people who passed it , did not first have the chance read what they were passing? Like Pelosi said......we'll see what is in it when we have passed it. On that basis alone,it should be considered nul and void.
Indeed................and of course, you feel it is better to purchase oil from Hugo Chavez than from Canada, right? Okay, I give up.
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