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The Wreck

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 8:52 AM
Fact: the USA will default on its debt. The progressives want the can kicked down the road far enough so that the government will collapse and they can make their own constitution. Stop digging the hole any deeper or it will collapse.

Known as the most famous sea disaster of the nineteenth century, The Wreck of Medusa was captured by Theodore Gericault in 1819. The story of the painting, and the actual event, serve as a cautionary tale for all mankind and, with numerous parables, should resonate loudly with Americans and our current political and economic climate.

In June 1816, the French ship Medusa set sail with three other ships for the Senegalese port of Saint-Louis. Following the defeat of Napoleon by the Sixth Coalition, France adopted a new constitution that called for a constitutional monarchy and reinstated Louis XVIII after 23 years in...