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The Federal Reserve is something like a man who looses his job, so he starts borrowing money to buy lottery tickets hoping to get rich. A strategy doomed to fail.
The lesson that I learned is that government is always making promises that they can not keep. If government is going to declare a GUN FREE ZONE then they are responsible that it is in fact a gun free zone and is not left to voluntary compliance. How stupid do you have to be too realize that only law abiding citizens will follow the gun free zone designation?? Breaking news, criminals ignore laws that is why the are called criminals.
How many of our citizens are you willing to sacrifice to stop Putin? Also please tell me how I and other American citizens benefit from stopping him and at what cost??
Corporations do not pay taxes. Corporation pass tax costs and the costs of all of those high priced tax experts they have to hire directly to their customers. Repeal all corporate taxes and let the corporations compete equally. Stock holders also pay taxes on already taxes profits, that called double taxation. Repealing the corporate tax would help control cronyism, and government meddling by giving advantages to large corporation with lots of money to give to politicians.
Inefficiency allow liberals to lose billions of dollars without ever being held accountable. Those billion go to friends of liberals also without accountability. There is no inefficiency without a purpose. Bureaucrats are very proficient paper shufflers, and the more paper they produce the less likely it is to be able find something.
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Forgotten Generation

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 1:46 PM
Remember this, Those dastardly CAPITALISTS pay for everything in this country. The forgotten man at the bottom of the pyramid is a parasite living off money stolen by the government and is lucky that he is forgotten. If it wasn't for government with its job killing regulations and oppressing taxes, this country would be prosperous again with every one, who is willing, providing their own income.
They will need to be paid just to pay their taxes and union dues.
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Obama Kills College Sports

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 8:56 AM
The student athletes are on a path of self destruction by suing the schools. The NCAA is the governing body and collects millions of dollars each year for bowl games and distributes it to colleges. The NCAA also sets the rules for all amateur athletes. So these athletes are really employees of the NCAA and should be suing them for compensation and having a say in the conditions of play and so forth.The NCAA dictates to the college what it can do with its money from sports so if the students win their suit the college will likely just drop sports because they will not have any money to pay them, except what may come from the NCAA. Also becoming employees of anyone bring forth consequences, like taxes and conduct rules that do not exist at present, so be very careful for what you wish for, it might just come true.
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Do You Hate the President?

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 8:17 AM
Yes I hate Obama, because he has placed himself above the Constitution. Just like I hated Bush and Clinton for the same reason. They all should be deprived of their security details so they can experience what it really feels like to be an American today.
The dream election, Clinton vs Bush. And the country goes to Hell no matter who wins.
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