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A Primer on Race

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 8:52 AM
The less they know the easier it is to control them. Government 101.
Bureaucrats are never wrong. The more incompetent a bureaucrat is the more valuable they are. Bureaucrats are bullet proof, they can not be fired and if found incompetent for their current job are usually promoted or transferred. Bureaucrats are not held to the laws of the land, and can not be prosecuted except in unusual circumstances. Bureaucrats are in control of YOUR life.
Can you identify a single bureaucrat that the USA could do without? Of course not because you have no clue as to what the individual bureaucrat does. They collect a big salary for life and stay anonymous. You could get rid of half of the bureaucrats and not even know they were missing as far as productivity is concerned because they don't do anything productive. As long as the federal government continues to steal money the bureaucrat rules.
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Rubbish: Emails Don’t Get Lost

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Jun 16, 2014 7:49 AM
Do not be to quick to judge. Remember we are talking about a bureaucracy that screws up everything they touch. It is even possible that these bureaucrats don't not even know how to turn on the computers.
You miss the point completely. When the middle east doesn't have Americans to shoot at they start shooting at each other. Islamic countries can not stand personal freedom so why do we keep trying to force it on them. We no longer need mid eastern oil so turn the battle over to those who do, and get the hell out of the middle east.
The nation is now governed by OBAMA LAW, the Constitution is no longer relevant unless it agrees with what Obama wants.
There is Constitutional law and there is Obama law. The USA is no governed by Obama law. Obama is now giving the Supreme court all of the president that it needs to rewrite the Constitution.
Government is evil. Government steals money at the point of a gun to keep and expand its influence and control its citizens. You sir are obviously a member of those in power and are willing too allow your government too steal as much money as it wants to expands its oppressive powers.
I think that it is criminal that politicians are allowed to sell their votes in exchange for campaign contributions. It is also equally repugnant that those same politicians are paid to campaign to keep their current job or some other elected office. The country would be better served if once a politician gets elected to office they can no longer receive money from any source for any reason. If they want too be reelected they would have to please the people who elects them. What a stupid concept. Right??
It is sad that someone like Mr. Buchanan doesn't know the difference between a Democracy and a Representative Republic Just another talking head who has been brainwashed by the DC elite. With friends like Buchanan who needs enemies??
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