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Here is a radical idea. Prohibit the use of the federal tax money for anything other than repairing federal roads and bridges. Hundred of millions of federal dollars are spent each year on studies alone that produce nothing. Subsidies of up to eighty percent of the total cost of mass transit paid for by the gas tax. It is time that communities pay the total cost of those federal boondoggles that they were so anxious for. There is ample gas tax money, it is just wasted because the feds agenda is in order to get more money you have to waste the amount you are currently getting on pet project that have little to with the original intent.
Obama is bored, he is just screwing with us. He is hoping for impeachment so that he can become a martyr.
Obama promised that he would have a civilian army. Are these illegal kids the army he promised? These illegal are far from innocent coming from the most violent countries of the world. Even those that may be innocent are bringing in diseases and are a problem. Can Obama completely destroy the country in the last two plus years of his presidency? Well he certainly is trying everything in his book of tricks. Hail Obama, Americas first king.
If Christie wants to be president he should run as a DEMOCRAT. As a democrat he would probably win against any Republican who is currently being considered.
Isn't that precious, these kids just want to be with their daddy. It has nothing to do with becoming a citizen as soon as they set foot on USA soil that Obama promises.Many of these kids are merely distractions in order to get all kinds of gang members, drug dealers prostitutes and terrorists into this country. If I were the governor of any border state I would have the national guard at the border turning back these so called innocents that at best will collapse our economy by overwhelming our welfare system.
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Illegals Walk In

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 8:05 AM
Why would congress give Obama anything. Do they not remember that Obama has a pen and a phone to take care of all of these emergencies. Obama does not need congress for the money he is only being polite and making political points. We all know that Obama has a huge slush fund so let him take the 3.7 million from there.
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The Battle of the Border

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 8:26 AM
One question that is never asked. Who is paying to get these kids to the border? If it costs the equivalent of several years average wages, who is paying for it? Could they be financed by the drug cartels, or actual relatives of the drug cartel? If so, could they be used to bring their cartel relatives all across the country to set up operations. THE ONE THING THAT IS SURE THE KIDS CROSSING OUR BORDERS ARE WELL FINANCED, SO WHAT IS THEIR PURPOSE? Our stupid government just looks at these kids and feel sorry for them, DID THOSE POLITICIANS EVER HERE OF A TROJAN HORSE?
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A Primer on Race

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 8:52 AM
The less they know the easier it is to control them. Government 101.
Bureaucrats are never wrong. The more incompetent a bureaucrat is the more valuable they are. Bureaucrats are bullet proof, they can not be fired and if found incompetent for their current job are usually promoted or transferred. Bureaucrats are not held to the laws of the land, and can not be prosecuted except in unusual circumstances. Bureaucrats are in control of YOUR life.
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