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If I am the Bushmaster lawyer I would make sure that every juror was issued an AR15 during the trial.
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Should Profiling Be Banned?

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 8:17 AM
Prohibiting profiling is not all bad. It provides law enforcement an additional excuse for not catching the criminal.
Facts never matter to progressives. Proof, although oil the countries oil reserves are pumping billions of dollars into the economy but the progressives are still against fracking that has been proved safe over the last few decades. Too progressives, the answer to everything is BIG GOVERNMENT.
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Need a Winner for 2016

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 8:06 AM
The question is not who to run for president. The question is how are going to get rid of Obama. Obama is already a dictator and the congress has proven that they are complicit with his policies, so all Obama has to do is suspend elections and he retains his job. The federal government is thumbing their noses at its citizens and is on the threshold of forming a new government with a modern compassionate constitution that will keep them in power as long as they can keep it. They have all of the peaces in place and are waiting for the right moment too implement their program. The wait should not be too long since Obama only has two years remaining for the fundamental transformation of the USA.
Repealing the TAXES ON BUSINESSES would within five years at least double the amount of taxes that are currently being collected from those businesses. The businesses would move back to the USA and increase employment, paying good wages and correct a lot of the countries ills. Also,let us not forget that business profits will still be taxed at the individual level. So why won't this happen? The only obvious answer is that the elite in DC are looking out for their ultra rich friends and really don't want the USA to be really successful.
A simple solution would be to freeze total federal spending at its current level until revenue catches up, or at least for the remainder of Obama's presidency. A simple plan that citizens would support and would thwart Obama's amnesty funding. Why it will not happen is because both parties want the federal to continue growing at its current rate of about eight percent per year. If individual wages grew at the same rate the federal government does you would be making about fifty percent more now than you did when Obama took office. Both politicians and government are out of control and headed for disaster and they will not be happy as long as the individual has a single dollar that the government feels that they could spend on something that they want.
Amnesty a win for both parties. Democrats get voters, Republicans get low cast workers whom they can exploit and citizens get the bill. Government at its best.
Teachers are hired to teach, not assign homework that usually is not completed. When the homework is not done a teacher can claim that it is not their fault that the student is not progressing. So why spend all of the money for teachers and just design a program assigning homework? This could easily be done on a computer at a fraction of the cost. ALL THE SCHOOL WOULD HAVE TO DO IS PROVIDE MONITORS TO CHECK TO SEE THAT HOMEWORK WAS ACCOMPLISHED. Anything that government does is usually about fifty years behind technology and the public school system is a perfect example.
You are driving down the road when you see a curve ahead sign, however your GPS tells you to go straight. Which are you going to believe? Apparently the global warming nuts are going to follow the computers advice and full speed straight ahead.
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Is America Too Caucasian?

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Nov 29, 2014 8:56 AM
According to Obama the US is too christian not just white. Why else would Obama secretly be promoting Islam. Obama is an Islamic terrorist in disguise with the sole purpose of bring down the big Satan. IF Obama can divide the country enough in his last two years as president he will become the first USA dictator, his and his supporters ultimate goal.
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