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Don't you mean how many times a black voter is allowed to vote? All you have to do is load up a bus full of people and take them to as many polling places as possible and have them vote for your ticket. It worked in Ohio to give Obama the election and it works other places as well.
Obama hates private businesses and will do everything in his power to destroy every business that does not bow to his will. Remember Obama's famous statement about "they did not build that." Obama thinks that government provided the info structure to make business possible and doesn't even admit that the government could do nothing without the money it steals from those businesses. Nor the fact that the employees of that business volunteered to work for an agreed to compensation that made them richer. With a person such as Obama so stupid about free enterprise it is impossible too protect the America way of life that made us so prosperous. If Obama weren't black he would be ridiculed out of office or would not have been elected in the first place. It is a shame that our first black president is making the black community even poorer by raising prices on everything .
Law abiding citizen are a threat to government takeover. And the fact that they are law abiding will be their downfall. Because the people trying to take away their guns don't give a damn about the law and will eventually use every mean necessary to take away their guns. If we continue down the current path those law abiding citizens will have a difficult decision; give up the gun or use it against the government goons who come in force to take it away from you.
Here is the scary, part those incompetent boob republicans are going to be in charge of both houses of congress in just a few months unless they can screw that up, and it is possible. If you think the republican establishment will stand up to Obama once they get in control you are going to be greatly disappointed. The only good thing is that maybe we will have a stalemate for the final two years of the Obama administration, and that isn't all bad.
Modern Democrats treat blacks as useful idiots treating them like someone you don't like at a party, all smiles and and complements at least until the are out of sight. And like the plain girl who has just been told she is pretty, she will do just about everything for you.
Since it will take about forty years for the oceans to rise to a dangerous level to current properties, it would seem that anyone with any common sense would think twice before building in the project flood zone. Or, they could depend on the government to stop the flooding. Good luck with that. The bottom line is that the estimated costs of global climate change are based on the stupidity of people building in a flood zone. I am not saying it will not happen but should we care about anyone who is stupid enough to build in a location that is predicted to be underwater? But then their is government subsidized flood insurance, so if people would build their it would be the governments fault. Cut the government flood insurance subsidies and the problem is solved.
Bureaucrats are a waste of taxpayer money. Bureaucrats do not accomplish anything productive, only destructive.Bureaucrats make life miserable for everyone but themselves. The only way to get rid of bureaucrats is to cut their funding and we need politicians with balls to do that and those are almost impossible to find.
Here is a radical idea. Prohibit the use of the federal tax money for anything other than repairing federal roads and bridges. Hundred of millions of federal dollars are spent each year on studies alone that produce nothing. Subsidies of up to eighty percent of the total cost of mass transit paid for by the gas tax. It is time that communities pay the total cost of those federal boondoggles that they were so anxious for. There is ample gas tax money, it is just wasted because the feds agenda is in order to get more money you have to waste the amount you are currently getting on pet project that have little to with the original intent.
Obama is bored, he is just screwing with us. He is hoping for impeachment so that he can become a martyr.
Obama promised that he would have a civilian army. Are these illegal kids the army he promised? These illegal are far from innocent coming from the most violent countries of the world. Even those that may be innocent are bringing in diseases and are a problem. Can Obama completely destroy the country in the last two plus years of his presidency? Well he certainly is trying everything in his book of tricks. Hail Obama, Americas first king.
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