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Obama's golf scores don't exist just like his college records don't exist. Obama's handlers have destroyed his college records or are using them to blackmail him. Proof: no one has leaked any college record in the years that he has been president because they do not exist. In this time of bring able to hack everything, do you not think that this is strange? The college records are not sealed, they do not exist.
90% of all legislation is used to eliminate competition from some DC elite favorite. The biggest losers are always small business because they don't have enough money to influence anyone.
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Favors and Loot for Sale

DON THE BRITTON Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 8:36 AM
Another solution would be to increase the number of representative and make them vote electronically from their district, cutting out the DC corruption. The constitution allows for one rep per thirty thousand citizens, and the amount of current corruption demands that we get better representation for the people and not the special interest groups. Give the power back to the people and away from the power hungry DC elites.
We need a government study into why solar power is not generated at night. When we solve that problem solar power will take off.
The only number that the public cares about is 6.1% unemployment, and that is an improvement over prior months meaning that thing are improving, You are dealing with a publicly educated citizenry who have trouble making change for a dollar without a computer and you expect them to understand that a reduction in the unemployment rate is not really a reduction in unemployment but a reduction in employment. Maybe you should emphasize that immigrants hold almost 20% of all of the jobs in the USA. Factor that into you unemployment figures and you have a story.
Don't you mean how many times a black voter is allowed to vote? All you have to do is load up a bus full of people and take them to as many polling places as possible and have them vote for your ticket. It worked in Ohio to give Obama the election and it works other places as well.
Obama hates private businesses and will do everything in his power to destroy every business that does not bow to his will. Remember Obama's famous statement about "they did not build that." Obama thinks that government provided the info structure to make business possible and doesn't even admit that the government could do nothing without the money it steals from those businesses. Nor the fact that the employees of that business volunteered to work for an agreed to compensation that made them richer. With a person such as Obama so stupid about free enterprise it is impossible too protect the America way of life that made us so prosperous. If Obama weren't black he would be ridiculed out of office or would not have been elected in the first place. It is a shame that our first black president is making the black community even poorer by raising prices on everything .
Law abiding citizen are a threat to government takeover. And the fact that they are law abiding will be their downfall. Because the people trying to take away their guns don't give a damn about the law and will eventually use every mean necessary to take away their guns. If we continue down the current path those law abiding citizens will have a difficult decision; give up the gun or use it against the government goons who come in force to take it away from you.
Here is the scary, part those incompetent boob republicans are going to be in charge of both houses of congress in just a few months unless they can screw that up, and it is possible. If you think the republican establishment will stand up to Obama once they get in control you are going to be greatly disappointed. The only good thing is that maybe we will have a stalemate for the final two years of the Obama administration, and that isn't all bad.
Modern Democrats treat blacks as useful idiots treating them like someone you don't like at a party, all smiles and and complements at least until the are out of sight. And like the plain girl who has just been told she is pretty, she will do just about everything for you.
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