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While there are some people like her abortion supporters paid to show up and possibly paid disabled individuals might stand by her, my husband who is disable--lacking part of his left arm and left hand--remembers Davis' crass remarks and will be voting for Gregg Abbott. She has wasted her donor's money our time with her vile campaign.
When you pay a fortune for an education and then you realize that the party that has been in power for the last six years is making that education worthless, you wake up. I know all the older liberals are quoting gov.org as their source for the gushingly brilliant economy and wonderful foreign policies reviews, but let's face...the government that has lied for six years is unlikely to print the truth on a page they control.
It is embarrassing to think that people around the world equate us with Obama and his ignorance. He has embarrassed us, he has embarrassed himself, and he has embarrassed the office he is supposed to serve. His administration has looked like a kindergarten class at Harvard. Mr. Netanyahu is a great leader, and Obama cannot even aspire to be a good man.
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

Donna450 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 11:55 AM
I you do think, or you do wonder, or you question anything these days, you're labeled a hater, racist, right wing nut job.
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Our Unwillingness to Defend Ourselves

Donna450 Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 3:28 PM
WWII will look like a walk in the park if Iran gets nukes. Given their pension for maiming and killing women and children, we're not talking about civilized men. They will have no qualms about blowing themselves up with the rest of us. They believe they will get 72 virgins and hero's welcome...Russia would never do it. The U S would never do it, and most civilized countries would never do it, but "civilized" is the key word. There are no winners in a nuclear war, just the dead and the dying. Unfortunately, we have too many people who grew up without discipline who do not understand the precarious situation we find ourselves in.
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Lawsuits and Impeachment

Donna450 Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 11:36 AM
I, like many Americans, are so disgusted by both parties that anything they do at this point is unlikely to change my mind. We have seen Obama break law after law, commit what is outright treason, and the congress sit on their hands as if they are unaware. We're losing our rights and our nation to a totalitarian government. Lawsuit, impeachment, or whatever, is better than nothing. The Republicans have been seen to do nothing for five years now. Something is better than nothing.
Flattus, the fact that you have an opinion does not require me to agree with that opinion, but as an American it does require me to respect that opinion. In other words, even if you owned a business and those were your beliefs, by our Constitution you are entitled to believe anything you like. I would simply go to some other business if that was the way you ran yours. Thereby, making Anonymous2834 totally correct in their assessment that your business would close due to those beliefs. It's your choice.
These same self-serving justices--though no justice is in their hearts--are behind upholding the Muslim faith of Islam, which includes beating and maiming--if not killing one's spouse and children. Everything Islam is okay, but Christians, how dare we expect the government to respect and represent our faith. Worse yet, their attitudes are trickling out of our colleges--okay flooding out the liberal colleges, to an alarming degree. I've never seen so much hate for Christians and God in my life. It's disgusting and disturbing.
This administration has refused to turn over documents involved in scandals, until it would be a miracle if they did actually relinquish any documents for investigative purposes. It is time that the committee sends in a computer expert, because there was no computer crash, however, they recover documents and files that are intentionally deleted. Once they decide to send someone to recover them, the liars on the left will have a whole building burn as Sheila Jackson-Lee did in her district. There are no accidents, only plans other people make and forget to tell you about. This is one more example of the corruption and deceit this administration has produced for each of the impeachable offenses the Obama has escaped.
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