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Romney's Media Handicap

Donna375 Wrote: May 16, 2012 12:48 PM
He doesnt need to. He is sticking to the true issues, being the gentleman he needs to be, and running fantastic ads, letting Obama in his own words bury himself. Quietly the minions of Sarah Palin, Allen West, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Sheriff Joe and his posse, westernmedia.com, breitbart.com, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Tea Party, are working to help expose Obama for who he is, and clean up Washington from both sides. Mitt campaign should stay above they fray, and pull together the Republican party, to give each part of the base recognition for their strengths. A diverse, united Republican Party of many voices, for the constitutional and economic good of America. How's that? I'm not even American, and I don't live in America.
Or the Navy Seals. Their contempt for this administration is detailed in navysealsagainstobams.com. They stink from the top down
Holder Hubris. Astonishing
Often I see brilliant campaign slogans in the comments section of articles and blogs. " There is no WE in Obama " @anywoman is brilliant. Send it to the Romney campaign ASAP. Or Superpacs for signs to show up at his stops
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