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Left's Newest Inquisition: Deny Your God or Be Declared Unfit

Donjindra Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 1:41 PM
Cor 4.7 -- At least this is relevant to your position. Paul claims everyone is equal before God, and if they are singled out or "redeemed," it's a gift. They don't deserve it. If anyone truly lived as if everything was a gift, I doubt I or anyone else would have a problem with that person -- be he Christian or not. But this does not address my charge. I charge that the sentiment of the framework itself is prideful. That framework assumes only man is worthy of God's special attention, that the rest of creation was given by God for man to subdue. And for "proof" men wrote it down in a book -- that they might exalt their own worthiness.

Let the Blood Games continue.

Only weeks after election 2012 and years before election 2016, in a routine interview, a glossy pop magazine popped Florida Senator Marco Rubio with an oddball question: How old do you think the earth is? Rubio responded a bit clumsily and noncommittally. Smelling blood and opportunity, the wolf pack bared fangs and chased.

Their game is either to force Rubio to affirm a personal belief the earth is 4.5 billion years old—disturbing some of his religious supporters--or to mock and stigmatize him and others who could harbor any delusional...

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